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November 2, 2011
ServianaGetPlus The Icon by ~hpluslabels is an extensive set of eye-catching and smoothly rendered icons, featuring everything from popular applications and games through to social sites and media. All in all, an impressive collection!
Featured by BurgerBunny
Suggested by sweetychan
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ServianaGetPlus The Icon

SERVIANA get Plus Icon
Recycle BIN icons here LINK
Resolution : 128 X 128 pixel
Format : ico (Windows), png (Universal), icns (Mac)
Total icon on pack : 300 pieces
Wallpaper 1 :… i reuploaded it. if someone know who are the original artist! please post link!
Wallpaper 2 : Me
don't forget to fav and adding comment. :)
regards :iconhpluslabels:
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Thanks. Superb icon

how can i download it?

nice icons any for sale

kid0f80s's avatar
cool,is there aimp icon in pack?
NSALNSAD's avatar
another cool set to add to my icon file.
finssao's avatar
Hello, your icons pack is superb! I have just launched a website to make custo for Mac! ca tell you to see your theme in the presentation on my site for Mac ?? Thank you for your reply.
sneakygreenalien's avatar
nice set of icons. alot of them too
a-sociopath's avatar
From the thumbnail I thought this was a gem matching game ;)

But close up I can see, it's a very nice set.
nikocopado's avatar
Se pueden instalar o que? xD

pd: disculpa mi ignorancia ._.
7p0d's avatar
This icon are very beatiful, but were are the rubbish icon?
oskarpoo's avatar
Read the description you asswipe.
a-sociopath's avatar
Don't need to be an asswipe, asswipe.
Nutrire's avatar
Jesus christ rude.
AlyssaMilanoi's avatar
Thanks very much  Hug
Orphydian's avatar
Good quality. Check my starting set too! You might like it. Im planning to "metronize" all the cool sofware icons out therel. Ive started bashfully with the 3D software field.
lethalassasin1's avatar
how to install this theme can you tell me
Can I use this for my software? Non commercial purpose only so don't worry
fantastic!! :)
i would love to replace my windows 7 icons with these, do i need to change them all manually or is there an easier way?
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