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a rainmeter skin for your desktop...
also Featured Morninglight Wallpaper
-Must Install Geosanslight Font (ask MR.Google, he will help you)
-Copy Filelistplugin.dll to C:\Program Files\rainmeter\Plugins
thats all, and enjoy...

Special Thanks To....
- Varelse42 [link]
-Poiru [link]
-Minhtrimatrix [link]
© 2010 - 2022 hpluslabels
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Is there a Photoshop file for the text on the darkbar? I would like different programs, but they're not in the folder. Thanks!
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Very clean style, nice job!
nice skin!xan you gine the links for the 2 "green"walls?
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Battery meter doesn't show up right when the battery is between 33% and 66% for me, says AC Line instead of High. Rainmeter issue? Skin looks to be fine..
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Hey great theme but I can't get my weather to work correctly, I enter my area code, but the weather remains empty and does not change.
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Make sure you get the id from
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Yeah I got it now. But now I get an error with the filelist.dll which I moved to C:/program files/Rainmeter/plugins. But it says it still cannot be found.
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not moved, but copy,..
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Hi, great shot!

Could you please share the green seed wallpaper in the background... it looks very clean! =)

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unfortunately i don't have a link for that wallpaper,.i found it when browsing..
sorry my friend..
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No prob! I'll do some searching if you found it here and see what I can get.

Thanks, Keep up the good work!
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Sorry to interupt, try using Tin Eye,
this is the [link] for Chrome,
if you use another browser search the same application for YOUR browser.

With tin eye you can select an image and the app will search the internet to find it !!
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OK.. Lets see, hope you can find it.. sorry for the link..
and thanks for the comment...
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Excellent! Can be a PSD file, text DarkBar? :)
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For next ver,, i'll include the PSD file.. I just forget to included it in this version,, my bad...
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Long wait for the next version? =)
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No, jUst still in progress..
maybe... in 2 january..
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Thanks for waiting...:love:
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It's a great suite, very elegant!
Maybe you could consider a pack of colours.
Easily we can think in 3/4 coulours to match with more wallpapers/desktops :w00t!:
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