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Jax's Joke - League of Legends

A League of Legends inside joke. In the game, Jax wields a lamp post for a weapon, and his joke is "Imagine if I had a REAL weapon", so I present to you: Jax holding a chain of sausages.

Jax property of Riot games.
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eta-gamma-14's avatar
Well, Jax, it's nice to "meat" you.
lemonlulz's avatar
The sad thing is he'll still manage to get a pentakill even with a chain of sausages.
Trujinn's avatar
Sausage party jax 
dl288112's avatar
...that comes with a bottle of beer! Bbbb beer beer beer beer.
DefenderValcor's avatar
I am now going to assault your mind with subliminal message
Axellated-Pixel's avatar
This picture is genius! Haha the first thing I found on Bing when I was looking for "League Jax Comics". Haha well done Skence. Definitely saving this photo! ^_^
Bartors's avatar
nice, but it could pain
makmix2's avatar
word play so good
Trap-Master's avatar
haha this actually made me laugh real hard.
thats an really awesome idea
Almarane's avatar
Cholesterol is deadly, my friends...
mon4man's avatar
he will make you choke to death... :)
Francois515's avatar
XD! Nice! Jax can be deadly with a wooden stick if he want. But with a chain of sausage... i don't know if i want to know how much he's deadly XD!
thepichudude's avatar
now he will be forced to kill people with his mind.
Karukos's avatar
Somehow I'm afraid now
Borishehe's avatar
the weird thing is that you reminded me something about a show called ''Kenan and Kel'' from Nick.

Kenan grabbed a sausage-chuck and beated somebody with it

Nice job!
kikayo's avatar
Dont fight Warwick or nasus with those, you might lose your weapon
Getting hit by a sausage can actually be quite painful. <_<
Hozure's avatar
Hah! You're right!
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