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Camille Headshot

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o: Someone teach me how to draw backgrounds.


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the shapes look very nice and i also like the gradient from warm to cold
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whooa she looks a lot younger here <3
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woah she looks soooo good!! i love it!
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omfg. So detailed and smooth. Just imagine if next you did a Camille Thighshot... holy shit, my heart would melt.
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DirtyTeamKillaHobbyist Digital Artist
how do you draw so smooth?
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Hozure Digital Artist
With a smooth brush :D
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MarbatyHobbyist General Artist
I love how smooth the whole thing is :dummy:
Well, about background drawing I'm sure you can find good tutorials about particle effects and the like to bring more to the atmosphere, without actually drawing a background.
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SkullsAndBrainsHobbyist General Artist
Aaahhh backgrounds... I am currently drawing my third one (not even kidding) so help from me is like asking a classmate if he/she can solve a math's problem. They might have a theory on how to do it, but its always gona turn out wrong xD Or is that just me?

But what I can give as tips are:
1. Think of a scene. The character is in motion, use that! If you find it easyer, put yourself in her shoes. (talking about Camille here)
2. Try to implement a grid. I know Adobe Illustrator has one, but I don't know about Photoshop. It should help you make the character fit in. (and yes I am talking about an adjustable x, y, z grid thats an option in the program)
3. Once you know how that background would fit, don't forget to hide the character (one of the many benefits of layers!). That way you can build that thing without interuting your lines.
4. Trial and error I suppose xD

Now I dont have any experience with drawing digital, since it will take another month till my tablet is finally in my hands, soo I can only wish you luck for now xD.
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Hozure Digital Artist
Haha, I appreciate the tips. Trial and error's going to be a huge one. Thanks :P
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SkullsAndBrainsHobbyist General Artist
NP xD Btw I did some searching and turns out Photoshop doesnt have a grid xD Don't know why, its not like Adobe hasn't thought of it. But yeah, its gone be hand drawn xD
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MightydeinHobbyist General Artist
My best understanding of backgrounds is that the character is more important.

 Your character is more colorful than your background.

 Your doing something right.
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404NoMercyFoundHobbyist Digital Artist
Better then the actuall Riotgames splashart 😂👌
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The-Last-PhantomProfessional Digital Artist
Amazing style!!!

Llama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2]
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really awesome work. looks lovely :D
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xavierk99Hobbyist General Artist
Background make me lazy to try to draw them... 
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denisa34Student Digital Artist
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