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312 Material Studies

These are pretty fun to do. Which ones do you think work the best/worst?


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Maarzkid's avatar
By far, my favorite material study!
digitalghoul's avatar
Damn these are incredible :squee:
lostpapers's avatar
Amber and Meat are really nice!!!
OneExisting's avatar
In my opinion the upper edge of the porcelain isn't...smooth enough? It looks a bit dented.
Burning-Heart-Brony's avatar
Fantastic portrayal of technique and color!
My fave is that hunk of amber! Clap 
DarthJacen's avatar
This is pure artistic perfection. Just looking at this stuff mesmerizes me. It's so real!
best would be the soap and amber thingy, worst but not exactly bad is the cheese, mostly coz it looks kinda shiny which is weird for cheese
Mela-MKA's avatar
The jelly (third row, third one) one is best in my opinion! Then the bubbles are very impressive! However, what is that fuzzy thing next to the cheese suppose to be?
MissPika66's avatar
those kind of scarfs that people wear for fashion.…

something like this
Isha-Ann's avatar
The bubbles and the gems are so pretty! The cookie reminds me of a donut I had the other day, and now I'm hungry...
DarkStorm-7's avatar
The soap and the meat are very cool, but i find the cookie a little too dirt-like

Awesome work :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
Kinderka15's avatar
I like cookie and soap :3
Marcotonio-desu's avatar
- Porcelain is a bit wavy, smoother shading may fix this;
- Mossy rock is a bit flat (the rock part) because the texture shadow overcomes the overall shape;
- Cheese is "zoomed in", meaning the texture is too big and it ends up looking like a miniature cheese;
- Meat is too hard, looks like rock. Maybe some juicy highlights can do the trick.

That being said, I really love all of them, all these observations are intended to help.

My favorites gotta be the Amber and the COOKIE BRICK, YEAH!
The fur/wool is also lots of fun.
Hozure's avatar
The waves on the porcelain were intentional (indicating that better with the rim would've been a good idea) and I definitely need more practice adding wet highlights to juice things up (struggled hard with that part).

Good call on the rock and cheese. You've a nice signature there. Cheers!
Marcotonio-desu's avatar
Thank you! Keep honing that pen. :)
johnway's avatar
Awesome stuff. hard to choose just one but the metal/rust and the bottom 5 are great. i struggle to render the basic materials properly. I struggle to get the texture or lighting properly for various materials.
Akayomi's avatar
Meat, Cheese and Cookie/Muffin work pretty well! I'm hungry, though, so I might be biased.
Rebel-O-Conner's avatar
i don't understand what the tenth is.
Hozure's avatar
Unprocessed sheep wool.
MartianCasserole's avatar
Ooh, I really like the orange gemstone thingy in the middle of the bottom row; it's texture and shine make it look really ominous and dank memes spooky.

it also reminds me of the glass from that one containment tube in kleiner's lab from halflife 2 but shshshhsshshhshshs
cedarlili's avatar
They are all great! But the bubbles (soap) and the cookie appeal to me most. 
MayaCat222's avatar
I love the wood... and the cookie!
schlach-uffn-kopp's avatar
I love the amber - and the chunks of meat and cheese. But they're all really great!
PoeCollector's avatar
They look so good! I think I like the meat, maybe because at first I thought it looked like some rock, or maybe because it's lunch time and I'm hungry :D
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