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Magus - Chrono Trigger

By HoZhuangShi
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This is from a few months ago... I'm a great fan of chrono trigger, I'll fanart of the other characters later =]


Esse é de uns meses atrás... Sou mto fão de Chrono Trigger o/ vo fazer fanart dos outros personagens depois.
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I don't know why, but I see the most resemblance to the person he once was in this artwork than any other. I feel that I'm looking at a perfect blend of Janus becoming Magus, instead of only seeing the entirety of one or the other.
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Katzilla94Hobbyist General Artist
wow magus looks hot thank god finally someone didn't that weird Knickers
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Yay! somebodys about to get owned ....by the fiendlord
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JP-V Traditional Artist
Mate this is excellent nicely drawn and coloured and the effects of him about to use a spell is great.
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this is really good!!! :D
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Really cool Magus uh? ;D~
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Alright this just kicks ass man great job! Magus is my favourite character in Chrono Trigger. Summoning Lavos right? I couldn't really tell what the background was until my brother mentioned Lavos' name. Then I saw the blue swirls and saw how it could be Lavos. btw, I like his eyes and hair!
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Magus!!! And he's about to cast Dark Bomb or Dark Matter. Either way this pic so so bad ass!!! And the angel wings just make it better!
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Wow. I loved the game, and this drawing is excellent, it's one of my favorite renditions of Magus.

Eu amei o jogo, e este desenho é excelente, ele é um de meus renditions favoritos do Magus.
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omg magus! i love chrono trigger, but i still haven't finished it yet >D< because i couldnt get Magus! i chose to fight him instead of just leaving him, so i just beat him and couldn't get him in my party :[ woow love this piece, he looks so fierce!
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HoZhuangShiHobbyist Digital Artist
You killed Magus T_T
Poor him, now he will never be able to look for his sis ;_;
Anyway that's a game worth playing even though it's a bit old isn't it =]
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yes it is, and pity i haven't got him in my party ;__; maybe i should start the game over again >D<
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overlordofthepies Digital Artist
Awesome, Magus. :lol: I loved that game too. Great colouring work here, the lighting is good, especially how the trousers seem tinted. Nice magical glowing effects too.
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cara fico bem legal^^....
gostei do cabelo..
dos olho vermelhos(AHUAHUA)
e principalmente do poder q ele tah soltando^^!!
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mto loko
gostei das cores, e dos efeitos na magia
parabens kra
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desenho ta fods ... apesar de num conhecer chrono trigger XD!!
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É bom demaisss cara, Chrono Trigger, presisas jogar... XD
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HoZhuangShiHobbyist Digital Artist
poow chronotrigger eh mto doido XD
mas se bem com esses consoles de ultima geração agora já passou um pouco a é;poca dele =]
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EvannrpgProfessional Photographer
show de pelota \o/
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omg its magus ! :D Im a big fan to of chrono trigger..Great picture!
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seapea11Hobbyist Traditional Artist
O_O love to his spells...so awesome looking!
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