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    About two tears ago, I decided to buy myself a tablet. Since people said that Wacom's tablet has excellent quality and it could be used for more than four years without any signs of breakdown, I thought it wouldn't hurt if I purchased a better one. Therefore, I bought Intous 4. All these time, it functioned properly and never let me down. It was likely to accompany me for another two years or more. However, today, I've lost it.

    I was riding my scooter on my way home. I put the tablet in my bag and hook the back on the scooter. At first, it seems to attach to my scooter pretty well. I thought it would be okay. But then, after riding for awhile, another rider suddenly called off me and told me that I 've dropped something. I instantly realized it was my tablet. In fright, I quickly turned back to look for it, but there was nothing. It was likely that the bag was already taken by someone. I then went to the police station in the hope of someone sending it there. However, after contacting several nearby police stations, they found nothing. It was likely someone had taken it for good. 

    It was carelessness and foolishness that results in losing my tablet. No one is to blame but myself. Today is a bad day, a very bad day.

    Now I need to save money for another tablet. 

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Donation pool?

also why would you take it with you anywhere? why not leave it at home?