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Weekly art#48 Casual Pegasus

By HowXu
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Many people pointed out that my usual way of drawing a character is a bit strange that my character has no nose and their extremities are big and square-like. Yeah, I like cartoonic deformed style, but I would to try some different drawing style from time to time. ^^

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Was fluttershy ever taller than rainbow? 
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I think fluttershy is older NightFuryTerritory i found some answers here:… but i saw someoen say this: 

  1. Fluttershy is the oldest at the age of 20 (one year older than Pinky and enrolled two years prior to RD so she's much larger).
  2. Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie are 19 (AJ and PP never attended school, at least as shown, but AJ does mention getting her cutie mark last).
  3. Rainbow Dash and Rarity are 18 (RD and Rarity both were enrolled at the same year. That's why they are the same size).
  4. Twilight Sparkle is the youngest at 17 years old (She is Princess Celestia's protege, but she was sent to Ponyville to CONTINUE her studies, therefore she hasn't graduated yet. She is also scared of being held back/sent back grades, inplying that she is still in school).
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Wouldn't Apples be more likely to wear Dash's top?
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*rubs and tickles RD's tummy*
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Aw, Dashie... You look really cute!
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Zettai ryouiki saikooooo!
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I love it! this is what equestria girls should be like
 Pinkie Pie Haters gonna hate 
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OMG! This is so lovely and fantastic! I truly adore both of their clothing! :squee: :squee: :squee:
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I can do base this image? ( I'm using google translator! )
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Fluttershy looks taller than RD :D
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If I could squeak through text, I would.  I don't know why exactly, but I find girls dressed in boyish clothes to be unbelievably cute.  ESPECIALLY next to a girly girl.
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ooo fancy, i always like your art style.
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So adorable ^o^ and I love the colour palette. 
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i like that style ^^
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