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Weekly Art#44 Season Finale Speech check

Starlight Glimmer (I CREATED HARMONY!) plz :iconsaysplz: What's so special about your friends?! How can a group of ponies that are so different be so important?!

:icontwilightderpyplz: :iconthinksplz: Thanks Celestia the plot gave me a temporary boost on my speech skills.

Just Starlight:

Parody of the game "Fallout: New Vegas." 
In New Vegas, the player could avoid or solve a lot of troubles if she put enough point in speech skills, which is also the play-style I like most.
I've waited long enough for a civil-talk ending, I can't resist to draw it! XD
Also, Thanks Ajay for the dialogue suggestions. ^^

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Imagine this conversation with sub-brick sneering imperialist

SoldierBoyXIII's avatar
Options 2-4 are all accurate.  The question boils down to "Which one won't just piss her off even further?"
TVnGames's avatar
"...You know what? Screw it. <Attack>". I pick that. XD
Sebas7710's avatar
LOL, the SPEECH 100 meme returns.
NallCalmer's avatar
"You know what..."
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This is exactly why I enjoyed the Season 4 Finale and why I believe that non-militant words can be just as effective as combat to solve problems, possibly even more so should you be socially skilled enough. I'm eventually going to do an entire talk about that when the time is right and other things I have done first have been taken care of.

But for now? Thanks for making such a great piece of art to a show I love that was also inspired by a video game I like. ^_^
FluttzKrieg's avatar
I feel like the first one would be an auto-fail option.
AssassinHiru's avatar
whenn in doubt use the seduce perck  , you always get a bonus item
Silnev's avatar
When you fail the speech check despite having 100 speech because you had less than 10 charisma...I can't even when that happens. 

Anyway neat pic. 
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They really needed to skip the whole multiverse scenarios sucking up all the screen time thing and focus entirely on Starlight. Her backstory was crap, and the reason she gave in was hardly satisfying, (as this parody is clearly pointing out).
I was eager to find out why Starlight believed cutie marks were bad all through S5, and the finale built up even more suspense; just to get *that* as my answer. Adding insult to injury; Starlight doesn't let a wasteland convince her, but Twilight saying they could be friends does?
They made Starlight a very strong and determined character with a seemingly deep past; her finale did nothing to meet these standards and her characters potential was completely thrown out the window. S5 did really good with redeeming characters like DT and Gilda, but the finale has to be marked among the worst ideas they've ever had, (The multiverses were cool and all, but they deviated from what was important, and soaked up all the screen time; leaving Starlight with a far too brief and meaningless defeat).

*cough* If you're wondering why I typed all of that in a simple comment; I just like to talk a bit too much is all ;P
AK12346's avatar
The second option is the most realistic, but I'd pick the fifth anyway.
I'd rather die than listen to her bluster about how perfect her backward-ass philosophy is.
Brandon-Vortex's avatar
(liked perk if i play female characters)
[Black Widow] Hun baby, you better than that you know, its better to keep moving foward than just getting yourself worst, now baby be a good mare and put down the scroll

(if i wanna lied, if i have my speech check 100)
[Speech 100] <Lie> Ha! rip it all you want but we both take the same fate anyway, incase you didnt know i put a failsafe on that scroll, soo incase you try to do something stupid like this we both died, and i will take you with me.

(honest heart perk)
[Sneering Imperialist] get the grip yourself your equalist scum, its over miss communist you lost i win

(Be A Scary Character)
[Terrifying Presence] Rip it off and i rip off your skull off your body...better rethink back miss starlight
The "Black Widow" perk wouldn't work; it only gives advantage against male characters. You need "Cherchez la Femme" instead.
JohnDavidbiehl's avatar
Which seems to be Twilight's go-to perk with all her friends.
Petardo238's avatar
Phoenix-WOLF-SS's avatar
Fallout player!Wow!
CookieMoone's avatar
This is awesome! You did amazing work. This fallout fan love it!
SFaccountant's avatar
What, no Science option? Maaaaan...
FlareEmerald77's avatar
I'm still confused that they decided to make her their friend after all she did to them. Sunset did one bad thing, while she did like seven bad things. -_-
BlackMasterElite15's avatar
Hahah!She just made it a game!
Clap I see what you did there.
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