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Weekly Art#39 Harmony Level Has Increased

:iconcuriousfluttershyplz: ?

Just FS version: Weekly Art#39 just FS desktop by HowXu

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Parody: Fallout New Vegas.
Fallout 4 is about to be released! But I guess I will wait until the time I can get it with a special price on Steam. XD
(Well, my specs aren't good enough for running it at this point anyway :shrug:)
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You take a sip from your trusty vault 13 canteen

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I'm glad I dont have Harmony-Away

Linked-Sketches's avatar
lol, classic fallout memes 
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Playin a video game
*presses E*
Fraterna25's avatar
AWW!! She is SO CUTE!! :meow:
xAjelandrox's avatar
Gracias por el nuevo fondo de pantalla :)
AssassinHiru's avatar
use some harmony x and some harmony away.... or 2....that brush is going to break!
Mini-Wolfsbane's avatar
Another super adorable one! Great job!!
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What, can't Fluttershy brush her teeth on her own?
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I say switch "harmony" to "diabetes" because she is sweet!
craftedartestery's avatar
why do we have a toothbrush? 
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She is too adorable, i MUST hug her right now Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
The first action I must take is spam the ever living crap out of my E key
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Aaaww... Fluttershy's adorable stares are always irresistible... :meow: :meow: :meow:
diamondtron01's avatar
Now this is an MLP game I'd play.....walking around like in Fallout doing quests, getting characters as companions. Totally awesome.
xXStrawberryQuartzXx's avatar
What program do you use?
HowXu's avatar
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Fallout shouldn't be this cute! ;-)
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New Vegas is epic!! Xbox 360.
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