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Villain reforming program Sombra


:iconfluttershyworriedplz:hmm, Discord. Could you let him rest for a little while?
:iconfancydiscordplz:Come on, Fluttershy. I have said it many times. Although I had left sufficient supply for the city, if Sombra doesn't use them, the citizens would suffer.
:iconfancydiscordplz:In other words, we need to keep pushing Sombra to work, so the crystal ponies could still live happily.
:iconfluttershyshyplz:But maybe just a little...
:icondiscordismadplz:Fluttershy, it is about greater good! One pony's suffering and everypony's suffering, which one would you choose?
:iconfluttershyisshyplz:hmmm...the former one...?

Wow, this is the first time I ever made a comic with so many words. Well, it's always good to try something new. Hope you don't feel tired reading this. ^^; Don't worry, its sequel won't contain so many words.

By the way, I tend to make the dialogue in the comic more political. However, I have little knowledge regarding how to properly use those political terms. So if anyone find anything inappropriate or sentences that improperly used. Please feel free to correct me.:)
Many thanks to :iconrhiss: for correcting my many errors. Thank you very much!!:aww:
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Mind if I dub this? I promise I'll credit you.

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Sure, go ahead. :)

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This comic right here shows why villains wouldn't like to take over anything, they'll just make themselves tried from all the stress of running a nation. Also is it weird that I ship Sombra and his secretary/advisor in this comic? (Seriously she's adorable.)

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Is this serving in heaven or ruling in hell?
Herrieli000's avatar
Hell, deafanitly hell.
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This is why no Sane man wants to be King Lil Butchie learning evil grin Evil Grin Emoticon Alucard Laugh 
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This is why no Sane man wants to be King   
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Hello Sombra. Welcome to Dwarf Fortress. Hope you survive the experience.
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This is actually interesting. I would like to see this idea expanded upon some time.
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still mosre interesting than twilight relatives
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Run Sombra run! :iconrunbitchrunplz:
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Why was Sombra trying to go into the storm?
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Ah.. ... Nothing like a dose of reality to make an evil overlord to see that there's a downside to ruling...
lolly-creepypasta's avatar
Sombra you are so kawaii desu
Man, what cruelty! Forcing a fantasy tyrant into actually working like a ruler,,, what with all the little details, problems....
That whole 'consolidating the farming resources' thing,, are you pushing him into an ill-fated attempt at socialized government???? Sure to mollify the dummies, and lead to even worse shortages!
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Oh god. This is just too funny. 
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:iconfancydiscordplz:    To troll or not to troll            
                               that is the true question
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Discord is the master Troll XD I so ship Sombra and his assistant :3
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