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Tease the new villain
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Published: April 28, 2012
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:iconqueenchrysalisplz: haha~fool! As master of shape-shifting, I can easily turn myself back.
:iconmlp-discordplz: Oh, I forget to tell you, I also took away your shape-shifting ability to ensure there’s no cheating
:iconqueenchrysalisplz: YOU WHAT?!!!
:iconmlp-discordplz: You see this is the first rule, no magic, no flying and no changing.
:iconqueenchrysalisplz: YOU (*^&%&&*&%%#!@
:icondiscordtrollfaceplz: Problem?

Character: Discord, Chrysalis
From: My little pony friendship is magic

Season 2 of the MLP:FIM was finally ended with the last 2 episodes being aired last weekend and I honestly think that was FANTASTIC!!! After I watched them, I keep smiling for at least 3 hours. Ahhh~ now that is a great cartoon.

It seems that queen of blad... Ah.. I mean queen of changeling are instantly loved by pony fans and many bronies think she is "cute". well~~~ me too!!!:D Thus, although I'm quite busy lately, I still felt a sudden urge to draw a comic about her.

When talking about villain in MLP:FIM series. The most powerful and funniest (personally think) one is Discord. So I wonder what would Discord troll when he meet Chrysalis.

Hopes you like it.

(note: English is not my native language. please feel free to correct me.)

Over 5000 views in ONE DAY?!!:omfg:?! that's more than the total views of all my other works' cast up! I never thought my little comic could be like this. Thanks, everyone, thank you very much~~ :love:
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Comments (169)
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Herrieli000|Hobbyist Filmographer
This makes me mad just reading about it.
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Warthog-Flammarion's avatar
Oooh, me encantó la chibi ChryshalisMLP Emote Princess Luna Cute Face Cute Spoop 
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some fan belive celestia is a troll but the troll is discord for reason no pony can troll like him! he troll other all his life! and for chrysalis discord say you mad sis?
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Maexam's avatar
Maexam|Hobbyist General Artist
Somehow, I think that the grin from the last panel and at the description fit Discord to perfection. It's like it was meant for him.
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AdrianTheBrony's avatar
May I have the mini chrysalis :3
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Byakku108's avatar
I honestly like mini chrysalis 
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ChuluSempai180's avatar
Oh god. Discord, you troll. XD 
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Animatorsnake's avatar
which would you have the power of shapeshifting to anything or anyone you know or...
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Anti-Viruse|Hobbyist General Artist
Troll God
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Animatorsnake's avatar
Excellent choice, welcome to the club *pulls a club out* would you like club?
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Anti-Viruse's avatar
Anti-Viruse|Hobbyist General Artist
Na *pulls out two brass clubs* I brought my own.
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W0nderbolts's avatar
and then discord loses a lot of blood
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therealnightmaremoon|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Mushies12|Student General Artist
cruelty at it's purest
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TinyandHuge|Student General Artist
lol Discord, the perfect troll
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Animefanfoever08's avatar
Discord...I think he's just jealous he's not the most evil one anymore. xD
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E-guardias's avatar
E-guardias|Hobbyist Digital Artist
discord has learned the art of trolling,not exactly evil, but still a jerk.
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aaaaa21's avatar
"Intimitating"? You obviously mean "intimidating".
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StormAlchemist15's avatar
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LillyGeneva|Student Filmographer
Agreed Clapping Pony Icon - Princess Luna 
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Little chrysalis is very cute
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Like A Boss!
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Jenny8239|Student Digital Artist
Actually Chrysalis is my favorite villain :3
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