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Small thought regarding modern computer



"Computers are no match for the average fourth-grader when it comes to creativity."

The Special Exhibition for Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni ([link] 1475-1564) in national museum of history in Taiwan had finally over in 2013/05/12. Luckily I was able to pay a visit by the end of April. In there, the museum display many Michelangelo's painting and sculpture including the best-known sculpture, David. Notably, it is not the authentic work. As a matter of facts, most of the exhibition weren't either. They are replicates by computer. According to the art history professor who suggest his class to pay a visit, the original works are too precious that it cannot transport abroad. But thanks to the modern technology, the computers are able replicate the exact same pieces of work in both painting and sculpture. Therefore, although we cannot witness the genuine works, we could still feel and touch Michelangelo's grandeur artistic soul.

This make me gasp in admiration of modern technology. The computers are like Superman that could do all sorts of different tasks for us. However, no one doesn't seems to give credit to the computers in the exhibition. In fact, I heard that some people even complain that those were just replicates and they want to see the genuine works. Personally, I think whether the works are genuine or not doesn't really matters in art appreciating. What's more important is whether the art touch your souls or not. But they did have a point though. Computer is nothing more than a tool. No matter how accurate and powerful it become, it does not create.
Thanks to :icondcarrier: for providing the counter view:
" While computational creativity([link] ) is by and large nowhere near the level of an adult human, it still does some stuff. I'd say it's at least a match for the average fourth grader.

I've once seen a computer design a flying machine in soda constructor([link] ). This is impressive, considering the physics in that game clearly prohibit flying. The computer managed to take advantage of rounding errors to make the models do what should be impossible. Humans have managed to duplicate this feat, but only after seeing computers do it."


Further reading: [link]

PS. Thanks to :iconredheadstock: for the tech-brush "[link]" which I used for the background of 1st panel.
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Coming back to it now. It's more applicable than ever really.