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:iconscaredfluttershyplz: Discord!Discord! There's something wrong with Pinkie!
:iconfancydiscordplz: Nahh, that's normal.
:iconfluttershyshockplz: But...she just violated laws of physics, how could this be normal?
:iconfancydiscordplz: Because it is coded in pony's coding(snap)
:iconfancydiscordplz: here(pointing)
     if (the_scene == comedy)
      PinkiePie.setCheatMode = true;
      PinkiePie.setCheatMode = false;
:iconmlpdiscordplz: See? since you two are performing a comedic scene, Pinkie could freely use her cheat code and violate laws of physics.

(note: I don't have any expertise in computer science. The coding above is just for laughs. :))
(A lot of people made suggestions for coding that I can't name them all specifically.^^; But still Thank you all)

:iconscaredfluttershyplz: Discord!Discord! Piekie她不太對勁啊!
:iconfancydiscordplz: 哪有,她正常的很。
:iconfluttershyshockplz: 但...她剛才違反了物理定律呀,這怎會是正常的呢?
:iconfancydiscordplz: 因為小馬編碼裡都有寫呀(彈指)
:iconfancydiscordplz: 看這(指)
     if (the_scene == comedy)
      PinkiePie.setCheatMode = true;
      PinkiePie.setCheatMode = false;
:iconmlpdiscordplz: 看吧,由於妳和Pinkie正演出一幕喜劇,Pinkie就可自由使用作弊碼來打破物理定律啦。

After reformed, Discord finally persuade Fluttershy into playing some harmless pranks to her friends.
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