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:iconfluttershyworriedplz:Oh, my. I never thought AppleJack would be so upset that she kick that toy so hard.
:iconfancydiscordplz:Nahhh, that's nothing. You should see what she thought in her mind when she noticed the worm hole(snap)
:iconapplejacknoesplz:*BUY SOME APPLES*
:iconflutterthoughtfulplz:Wait, what does *BUY SOME APPLES* mean?
:iconmlpdiscordplz:Trust me, you wouldn't want to know.

(To see the reference, you may take a look of this… 11:37~11:45)

:iconflutterthoughtfulplz:等一下, *消音* 是甚麼意思啊?

After reformed, Discord finally persuade Fluttershy into playing some harmless pranks to her friends.

AppleJack: you're here

For your information.
If you spray salt on the fruits. The fruits would taste sweeter. :)

A little explanation:
I found that a few people confused about what was going on. So here I want to clarify a bit. In panel 5, AppleJack was kicking the apple. She notice a worm hole in the previous panel, so she throw the apple to the air(You may notice its track which just above her left leg.) then unleash a powerful kick.

I know it is kinda confusing. Although I elaborately draw the track, it was still inconspicuous. I actually did consider draw another panel depicting AJ threw the apple to the air. But later I found that that extra panel would slow down the pace of the comic. So in the end, I still adopt the original and confusing version.

Sorry for the confusion and hope this could help.

Thanks for featuring on EQD!:aww:
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