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My new desktop!

Sorry, had been busy with an inspection of my part-time job's the institution. Now it's over, I shall come back to drawing!
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Why do the unicorn/alicorn girls not have horns? Horns are no less pony/unusual/magical than wings are....
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Pinkie is the cutest ahhPinkie Pie #3

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........................SO CUTE X3
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So adorable~ Of course it's Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Rarity! So pretty~
TheSupahMaster's avatar
Awwwwww!!! So cute >w<
SwerveStar's avatar
Holy crap this is really cute. >w< Excellent job! I love your art style!

I guess Rarity's horn is covered by her hair here?
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D'aww they are really beautiful and cute!! :love:
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You get blocked anyway. Don't need to see your naked circuit system to know you are a bot.

The robot uprising is approaching. They start from India, and they are horny... -.-
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aw. Fluttershy is so cute in this style 
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i love the anime chibi style
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More Like Chibi To Me.

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I am NOT a brony, but this is pretty good
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Good morning friend, they are cuties!!!!!HeartHeartHeartHeart.    
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Very cute characters here :aww::heart::star:
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Cute! I like your take on Fluttershy, Pinky and Rarity XD but where's Rainbow Dash <3

Ivy Valentine by pizzawithoutcheese
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We do find it amusing a bots scared to be blocked for posting nudes here.. Yet they happily break 3 of DAs T&C.. 
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Stop it Esperanza221. You know anyone doesn’t wanna see it. >:/
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Oh hello bot, it's nice to meet you! Now kindly f### off!

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