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OL Dazzlings

A busy day in the office.

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Hehe, how's life?
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Dazzlings return June 9th.
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It looks like Adagio's latest scheme is to conquer the world.... of business!
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Well done!
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Poor Sonata. I wanna help her.
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They look so great in those outfits!
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They are not Dazzlings. They are Work-lings. Adagio Dazzle EqG (laugh) plz 
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Aria's only one actually working...
adorable picture!!
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adagio: now listen up! I want those company files in my filing cabinet, and I want that laptop on my desk, in my office! no later than tomorrow morning! you got that?!

aria: ugh....can a girl get some work done around here without noise and distractions?...

sonata: okay! here's your coffee everybody- waaaaaaaaagghh!!! *crash* oopsie...
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Maybe they're not meant to be in this job.
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At least we know how they make a living.
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I´d actually love to see Sonata land a job at the place where Pinkie works.
Pinkie somehow doesn´t recognize her (new outfit, no necklace, new hairstyle, etc.) and sees her as a rival for the position of "customer´s favorite employee".
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Pinkie remembers EVERYONE! Sorry, that wont work... Unless twilight wipes her memory and the memory of the forth wall!
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