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My little Kindergarten 4koma

中文版:My little Kindergarten 4koma Chinese by HowXu

Page2: My little Kindergarten 4koma 2 by HowXu

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My Little Kindergarten mane 6 by HowXu

My Little Kindergarten Reactions by HowXu

Sombra is too intimidating! 
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I think I got diabetes

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XD my reacetion to the left panals: "Sombra maybe scary, XD but he still seems like number 1 dad to me, for some reason... and i love it"

my reaction to the right panal: im slightly with Luna on this, why does Celestia have a maid outfit... for little girls too XD?
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For some reason, I'm reminded of Asura's Wrath dad jokes with Sombra.
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like akio or erza 
Aww, this is so adorable!
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Uwouldnt like me when Im angry  hizo llorar a Fluttershy
RedeemerofDark's avatar
You tired tried....xD
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Where is this chipi style from! I swear I've seen the style before Crying 
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SO CUTE!!! (Poor Fluttershy.)
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Hehe so cute and if my oc was their she'd follow king sombra around everywhere
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XD sombra wants to be nice but he putto much energy into and scared Flutters
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OMG! Stop this mad crazy cutenesss!!!!???????
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Sombra is like Vegeta with Trunks. Adorable.
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I don't know why but for some reason I'm thinking of rain in the comics where saber gets reverted to a little girl and for those of you who do not know it is from fate stay night not sure if it is canon or not but it is a thing
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first comic: Oh hey Sombra's back
silverkitsunepup45's avatar
I love good-guy Sombra~ :iconcatsmileplz:
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1.) Celestia ALWAYS comes prepared....when it comes to twilight.

2.) Sombra's trying, doesn't that count? 😅
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I prefer ponies, they are cuter !
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I think the ponies are cuter myself, but HowXu draws the humans rather adorably too.

...I'm still not too fond of the human idea, so HowXu continually bringing me back to the gallery with this cuteness is rather interesting to me. I do wonder though why he draws them with wings and horns still.

If this artist were to do a full fledged comic using the above style, I'd read the heck out of it.
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Little Twilight Maiden Sparkle: so CUUUUUUUUUTE :heart: Love
Little Fluttershy: so SHY Flirtatious 
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