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My Little Kindergarten 4koma 3 strip

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:iconsombrawtfplz: What did I do?


After using my phones to browse my own works, I think a strip comic is still better for internet browsing. So I made this one different from the others.
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Sombra: Now I don't have to eat that nasty stuff 
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sombra you are for them scary like me
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I am quite fond of Sombra. Thank you for such a nice portrayal of him
CitrusEucalyptus's avatar
I love the ending! XD

I hope that you have a great and blessed day!
Pffff... Hahahahahaha XD I have two ideas to you: Do you remember your comics about Chrysalis and Sombra being reformed? Well... how about one with Tirek? And you could add Tirek in this serie of Kindergarten. Would be funny hahahahahahaha
It's just ideas. What do you think about then? Have a nice day ;)
he'll be principal tirek
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*dies laughing*
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poor sombra xD
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I love the face of RB IN PANEL 4
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Does any one noti that if you look at the red part of his outfit as part of the background he looks like a horse again
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Oooow AJ looks adorable ❤❤
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actully dash loves broccoli it says so in the newest episode in season 5 but this is sooo adorableeeeee
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Seems kind of ironic now, considering that in the latest episode Rainbow Dash ate all the broccoli at the party.
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See Sombra we all have our skills! 
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Sombra the polite but intimadating looking person
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Inside Out: Nauseous Disgust Icon GASP, it's broccoli!!!
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Being a good teacher Sombra... Being a good teacher
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Do you like okegom styles ?
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