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Love Charm afterward

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Previously:  Love Charm by HowXu

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival.
The most renowned poem for this holiday is Su Shi's "Water Melody". One of the line says:
People experience sorrow, joy, separation and reunion,
The moon may be dim or bright, round or crescent shaped,
This imperfection has been going on since the beginning of time."
(Man, English translation really cannot convey the beauty of Chinese poem)

This inspired me to draw this piece in the memory of my favorite Sonic girl. I was informed there was a movement called #saveCosmo on Social media in attempting to urge SEGA to bring her back. I hope they succeed! ^^

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Translated into Irish and Japanese only:

🇮🇪: Tá sé tubaisteach duine a chailleadh. Féadfaidh sé dul i bhfeidhm go mór ar an intinn agus féadfaidh sé dúlagar agus smaointe féinmharaithe a chur i bhfeidhm ar an duine. Ní hionann eireabaill. Ba dheacair dó Cosmo a chailleadh. Bhí sé i ndúlagar mór, ach a bhuíochas dá dheartháir Sonic agus a chairde, tháinig sé slán agus d’fhás sé ina pháiste sona, agus dhá bhliain ina dhiaidh sin, nuair a bhí sé 10 mbliana d’aois, d’aimsigh sé leannán cailín eile, Zooey. Bhreathnódh Cosmo síos ar an dá sionnach eireaball agus aoibh gháire a bhog sé ar aghaidh ina shaol.

🇯🇵: 愛する人を失うことは壊滅的です。それは精神に深刻な影響を与える可能性があり、人にうつ病や自殺念慮を強いることがあります。 尻尾も例外ではありません。コスモを失うことは彼にとって困難でした。彼は大恐慌に陥っていましたが、ソニック兄弟とその友人たちのおかげで回復し、幸せな子供に成長しました。2年後の10歳のときに、別のガールフレンドのズーイを見つけました。 コスモは両尾の狐を見下ろし、人生で進んだ笑顔を見せた。

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A beautiful picture mixed with emotion.

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Tails: "My girlfriend became the moon."

Shadow: "......that's real rough, buddy."

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Damn this hit hard.

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Oh man that is so emotional.

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D-did his girlfriend turn into the moon?
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actually, it's that she died and being resurrected as a seed. Tails planted the seed in the in the little white pot beside him. Carrying it to see the moon and remembering the last moment before her sacrifice.

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That’s rough buddy
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You did such a wondrous composition ^^
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Sonic x was fucking weird
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awesome picture!!

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Мукн иуфгешагд! ЖдщмуЖ

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That was sad ending to the series. They made a cute couple.
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aw very sweet and sad

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so beautiful i may return to write someting for this for it just speaks to the love lost but life must go in vibe and you hit that vibe out of the park

Friendly reminder that Sonic X is a separate continuity. A game incarnation would be practically a clean slate... and more importantly to the discussion, still alive.

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Aw. Beautiful and sad.

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ugh i was rewatching sonic X on youtube a while back, and it got pulled just as i was getting to the end plot. i ended up just stopping there not feeling like going to inferior quality on other sources.

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