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They are essential.
3440 x 1440 version:  Essential-3440x1440 by HowXu

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How much money would I have to pay to get the background extended; So that the final image resolution goes from 2560x1440 to 3440x1440? ( I have a UWQHD monitor )

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HowXuHobbyist Digital Artist

Hmm, I think $15 would be fair. Just kidding 😋. Here, I made some quick edit and feel free to have it 🙂

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I see Rarity as a police officer, Applejack as a firefighter, Twilight Sparkle as a doctor, Fluttershy as a nurse, Pinkie Pie as a grocer and Rainbow Jack as a delivery person. I wonder how they would like in pony form.

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saximaphoneHobbyist General Artist

they are all so pretty aaaaa

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Even if there are dirty things in the world, Rarity can still give her generosity to others to make the world a better place. That's why she chose to be a fashion police. ^^

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mysterygirl284Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Accurate jobs for them, Nice work
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Thank you for you services :clap:

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Thanks to covid, it's now impossible to tell who's about to rob you, and who is just after a lottery ticket

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Not only essential but looking quite sensual! :D
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Which episodes of EEnE do not have the Kankers?

All of you please click on this picture, read the whole entire description, and comment on it for me please!

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You go Girls! Fuck the Karens!!!

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Chrysalis is the Karen

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Oh my god you're right!!

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KyleTheJuryProfessional Digital Artist

gorgeous !!

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X-Force02rangerStudent Traditional Artist

kawaii pinkie <3

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Marco-the-ScorpionHobbyist Artist

Save the Earth, Girls! :D :happybounce:

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AnoukFeenstra101Hobbyist Digital Artist

Omg I love this! Awesome art and stay save! ^ ^

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KrazyStargazerHobbyist Digital Artist

Not all heroes wear capes~

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I want pinky's mask!!

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Even when in work, cover your mouth with a mask.
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dempseyroll2019Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okie dokie Loki you are right they are essential ^^
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Nice one!

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You are not suppoused to touch your mask Twilight!

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