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A dog and a filly show p2 by HowXu A dog and a filly show p2 by HowXu
中文版:A dog and a filly show p2 Chinese by HowXu

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Thanks :iconringshif7er: for the proofreading.
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AK12346 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016
Rarity is best pony.
Rainbow-Gale Featured By Owner Edited Aug 21, 2017
I'm racking my brain here, but I have no idea what B**ehead is supposed to be.
Unkamen Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2017
Don't know if it's a joke or - if it's not - if you even still care, but I went with bonehead.
priyan26 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016  Student General Artist
that applebloom in 4th panel...
FlareEmerald77 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Pony make sandwich?  LOL
midnightrose3000 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016  Hobbyist Interface Designer
sweetie is so cute
Animatorsnake Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015
i wonder how this will end
savvylovesfnaf Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
flutter-butter55678 Featured By Owner May 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
that 4th panel....
JackalyenMystique Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2015  Professional Writer
As an older sister, I can say this;

JJtheSNKKid Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014
You censored jerk? This isn't Canada! ! !
runelord3876 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm sorry you think of us like that....
JJtheSNKKid Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2015
Not my fault Canadians have weird censorship laws.
TheGodSquadAlphaTeam Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Rarity's face was GOLD!!!Boogie!  YOU JUST MADE MY DAY THANK YOU SO MUCHJudge 
dafk189 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014
"We are greedy, but not bullies".

Really? Is this one of those "even evil has standards" kind of things? Cause I'm surprise even the Diamond Dogs are not bullies. Or are they really bullies?
TinyandHuge Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Student General Artist
lol this is amazing
ChocolatNinja Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
I love that:
"She's on her own"
"Sweetiebelle was just kidnapped!"
HyuugaHigure Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014
Same :iconraritysmilingplz:
StormCutie Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  Student Writer
Same here! XD
dafk189 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
Wait. Jerk is a swear word? Since when??! That doesn't make sense for jerk being a swear word now!
caballero-nocturno Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014
Hahahaha xDD
Jamiboi Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
*fourth panel! XD Brilliant! Just AB in the corner like "Oh S***!"
fotland42 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
I can't tell reliably from the back of her head, but I think Sweetie may be embarrassed by the ineptitude of her foalnappers.
DrX-Raven Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
Raven: ...... I'd rather think that it's Spot and Fido who fight....
Kyoshyu Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That sudden rage... :D
Rakusaru Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Gotta love Rarity's love for her sister. XP
garciarael Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014
Oh! I get the B-word. Bonehead!
DrX-Raven Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
Raven: I was thinking "Bilehead".
garciarael Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014
DrX-Raven Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014
Raven: You got anything better? 'Cause "Bonehead" sounds more like a fact to me.
garciarael Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014
DrX-Raven Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
Raven: ..... Whaddya mean "Right"?
garciarael Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
I'm not gonna argue anymore.
eee2011 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
And I thought that there was a filly in the room
Twylite-Sparkle Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
lol, Diamond Dopes
Soriokink Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Takes an Arse to know an Arse
teh-j0ey Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014
Constar1 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
is jerk a curse word now? XD
KaRyu1017 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014
Apparently. :3
Zalleus Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014
God dammit Rarity, what have you done to these dogs!?
zaiali Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014
I am loving this comic so far. 
JoeBrony Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014
That's hilarious!
Dakathi666 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014
Funsizefluffy Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014
Even kidnappers have standards.
TheLoudMouthScout Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ready or not diamond dogs, Rarity is coming for you.
cormy1 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014
What's the second word...?
And Jerk was censored but not Idiot and Moron? XD
HowXu Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014
Well, to be honest. Except for F-bombs, I don't really know what words are too strong that need to be censored. So I took Disney movies as standard. I consider curses that appears in the Disney movies as safe
"idiot" appears in The Lion King.
"Moron" appears in Wreck it Ralph.

To be safe, I censored any other curses that I'm not sure of. ^^;
TechZeroPyro Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
Well.....if you think it might help, here's sort of a primer on swears and things which might be considered censor-worthy.

Let's begin with what I call LLEVEL 0 swears.  These actually are not swears and are more like safer, child-friendly versions of/outright replacements for Level 1 or possibly Level 2 swears (which are referenced in parentheses), and they can generally be said on television:

Butt (Ass); alternatively Fanny, Bottom, or Dairy-Air, but those words are considered the children who are stuck between wanting to be cool and trying to avoid being punished for cursing.  Hence, Butt.  Which some proper ladies who are also mothers might not like the harsh sound of, but isn't quite bad enough to police.
Butthead (Asshole);  Because its sanitized of the gross-out or sexual connotations associated with Asshole, while being an insult- although slightly different in meaning since it can be on either appearance or general thick-headedness.....
Darn (Damn); see also- "Curse you!"  Darn is more likely to apply to an object or general situation ("Darn it") or just dissappointment in general ("Darn.")  Damn means to comdemn to Hell, while, to the best of my understanding, "Darn" is just a made-up, nonsense word that became popular with no special meaning.
Gosh (God);  Another nonsense word, see "Darn"
Pee/Pee-Pee/Tee-Tee/Urinate (Piss); Like Butt is to fanny, big kids did to prefer "pee" because it sounds less babyish.  Urinate works too, but its too obscure/un-fun for kids to use.
Poo/Poop/Poo-Poo/Deficate (Shit); The reason why that one character in Mother 2/Earthbound never gets any respect in the U.S.
Jimmy/Contraption/Johnson/Wee-Wee (Dick);  Dick, Jimmy and Johnson are all perfectly names, so why does Dick get picked on?  I've....never thought about this before right now.
Jerk (Dick/Asshole/Bitch/Cunt);  For telling off someone who is rude, crooked, or generally unpleasant.
Penis; The word itself is technically allowed, people just really don't want to hear you talking about your penis if its not some kind of medical emergency.  But you DEFINITELY won't hear the word on a Saturday Morning Cartoon.
Hole/Vagina? (Vagina?/Cunt);  Not sure where Vagina sits on the spectrum, really.  See "Penis"
Moron (???); For some reason, you can't say this one the radio, but you can on TV.  I thought that one episode of the "Fairly Oddparents" (a children's TV show) was joking, but after Cormy1 bought it up, I'm not so sure....
Heck (Hell);  See "Hell" in level 1 for details.

These words can be hard to find on the internet, because there's so much free swearing that happens here that generally wouldn't in a room with children or during public or prestigious gatherings.  Basically, if It was used in a "Calvin and Hobbes" strip, its probably safe.  (I'm not 100% positive about the word "Bimbo", however....)

LEVEL 1- These will cause your movie to bump up to PG-13, and your video game up to "T for Teen" ......or if its Shadow the Hedgehog, up to "E-10 for ten years and up."  They might cause your mama to wash your mouth out with soap...

Ass: I have no idea why this is (or was) considered profanity and butt isn't.  Its allowed on TV nowadays, but if you say "Asshole", they will censor the part of it.   ....the "hole" part, not the "ass" part.  Television is weird.
Dick:  Also used to mean a dumb, petty, insensitive egomaniac.  ....Poor Richard.
Damn: Well, I supposed that wanting someone to burn forever and ever is a pretty horrible thing to say to a person, but I get the feeling its off limits for the same non-reason "hell" is.
Hell: There's no reason the word Hell should be considered a swear, but it just is.  Or was.
God: The 3rd of the Ten Commandments of Judeo-Christain tradition forbids the "taking of the lord's name in vain", which is strange because the curse isn't a real name like "Yaweh", "Jehova", "Elohim".
Make Love/Fornicate (Fuck): Means the same thing, and just as taboo to use around kids, but seen as one of the better ways to reference the subject.
Bitch: Technically used as a female (and therefore more appropriate, depending on the person) version of dick when talking about personality.

Level 2- These are highly sexual and considered even fouler to say than the level 1 swears.  The distinction *might* not be entirely rational, but its there.  These are "Rated R", and even some more :

Fuck: Aka "The F-Bomb".  Its the poster boy for this level.
Cum: Worse than just saying the more clinical or scientific word "ejaculation", but that...activity is not polite conversation during Thanksgiving dinner with the relatives, no matter which word you use....
Cunt: Similar to bitch, but it is is also used to reference the vagina, and that makes it worse.  ......don't ask me why.  Its just seen as an exceptionally crude word, like all Level 2s.

Hope this helps!
HowXu Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014
Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. I now have the general pictures of English's swears. :)

I have to say I was kinda surprised that words that refer to sexual organ could still be considered as  LLEVEL 0. In my culture, anything relate to sexuality is not safe. Even teachers who suppose to teach about them would reluctant to talk about sexual organ and process of reproduction. (which might be also why the education for safe sex doesn't seem to be very successful in my country.) The more common and relative safer swears we used in our culture are words that refer to family member such as mother, grandmother, father or younger sister(somehow older sister wasn't be used in swears). I noticed that although English sometimes would use family member in a curse, it often need to be said along another swear word. Yet in our culture, sometimes the word itself could be a swear. I don't really know why we think that way though. I guessed just like the Judeo-Christain you mentioned in your comment, traditionally we Chinese think highly of family, so mention family member inappropriately was considered profane as well. 
TechZeroPyro Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014
You're very welcome.  Although, I feel the need to clear up some things, particularly about sexual organs.

Technically, talking about your sexual organs isn't all that accepted in public.  Or rather, what I mean to say is that despite the fact that the word is "safe", the subject matter itself is still embarassing/sensitive to talk about, and it might gross out anybody else hearing about it.

Its more that since that is a part of the child's body, that they have to call it something.  And its generally a pretty private thing in most cases, so its not like there's no digression at all, or that its a subject that is discoursed often and without reason.  Making jokes about your "Johnson", for instance, isn't really what I would consider "family-friendly".

(For consideration, I am a guy, and you might take note that the female sex organs list of LEVEL 0 words is rather small, and Vagina's position is a little small.  The real list might be higher, but I wasn't exposed to such words, so its hard to tell which ones might be safe or not.)

But for some reason, words like "dick" or "cunt" are considered particularly crude and gross-sounding and therefore adult.  While others are....less so?  Particularly the clinical terms used by medical experts (People you want to be able to talk about whatever parts of the body they need to talk about!), although the exact position on these words is kind of sketcher.
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