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Second Arabesque with Attitude

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1/160 second
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56 mm
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Sep 26, 2010, 8:04:51 AM
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ButchC's avatar
Such grace....and she is in the Ballet version of my favorite pose...
The boardwalk at Lake Anne :)  Wish you could see the fountain in the background.

I think this one would be nicer in B&W or toned down to sepia.
Naturalisnature's avatar
goddammit this is beautiful
Alien-Exile's avatar
Holy crap that's one hell of a pose. Strength, grace and beauty all in one.
Koyukionna's avatar
She's a cute one, in attitude. I like her sass.
Kaieleigh's avatar
HER SHOES! :tombstone: R I P shoes of wonder :P
denormART's avatar
Awesome display of equipoise :squee:
Vikingmale's avatar
Nobody347's avatar
Her shoes are all muddy :3
But for good reason, these are beautiful shots.
Shutterbugcreations's avatar
Her poor, poor pointe shoes, all dirty and such :(. Great shot!
HowNowVihao's avatar
they got pretty trashed in that shoot. it was wet and there was some kind of mucky film on the ground that the pointe shoes soaked up.
Shutterbugcreations's avatar
At least they weren't her good pair, right?
HowNowVihao's avatar
they were already on their death bed. the girls i work with know that i have them kill shoes during their shoots. i had one girl where them into the pool :P
RoyalImageryJax's avatar
On the death should do a point shoe series title that....
Shutterbugcreations's avatar
piercethepie's avatar
Isn't that a battement? Arabesques are close to the ground aren't they?
HowNowVihao's avatar
you mean a grand battement? no. this isn't a standard pose so i don't know if there's a name for it. the best i can describe it is that it's a 4th arabesque with the working leg bent like an attitude.
piercethepie's avatar
Oh okay. I would have described it as an attitude battement but I haven't been doing dance for very long.
HowNowVihao's avatar
somebody else described it as attitude derriere with arms in 2nd arabesque... i guess we can take our pick.
bubusaw's avatar
I would say it is an attitude derriere with arms in 2nd arabesque. She did it so well! nice pic!
HowNowVihao's avatar
i just checked with a ballet teacher... she said it's second arabesque with a leg bent into attitude. looks like we were both wrong.
Dullface's avatar
She can stretch!
HowNowVihao's avatar
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