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Well, my first show is right around the corner, so it's past time to list my convention appearances for the year. I've got three cons this year, so if you're headed to any of them, look for me and the dragons in the Artists Alley!

Anime Boston (March 30-April 1, Boston MA) Anime Boston is one of my staples, and How Many Dragons will be up front in the Pro Row. I'll have plenty of dragon figurines and jewelry to browse through, including a lot of the pieces that I've been sharing recently, so please come by and see them in person.

A-kon (June 7-10, Fort Worth TX) Time to try something new! I've never done a con in Texas before, so I'll be trying out A-kon in June.

Otakon (August 10-12, Washington, DC) I didn't make it through the signup lottery originally, so I thought I was sitting this one out this year, but I managed to squeak in on the waitlist. So I'll be there after all! :D
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LBDNytetrayn's avatar
Cool that you'll be at Otakon again! I'll try to swing by the table, and sorry that I haven't contacted you about that commission we talked about yet. Things have been... busy. D=
HowManyDragons's avatar
No worries, I'm pretty much always open for commissions, so whenever you're ready. There's no rush. ^^
dDarknezZ's avatar
I can not go, but good luck! (°w°)/
FairyOfThundera22's avatar
I'm gonna miss you at FANIME, this year.

But I hope you have a good time at the other Cons.