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Well, this year's list of convention appearances is very short, as I missed the Fanime signups and did not get lucky in the Otakon lottery. I'll update this post if anything changes.

Anime Boston (March 25-27, Boston MA) It's been several years since I've been able to table at Anime Boston, but How Many Dragons is finally making a return appearance in the Pro Row! Will post a map with my location when it's officially released, but I should be up front near the entrance somewhere. I'm working hard on building up stock for this show; I plan to have pins, pendants, ornaments, and of course, a bunch of dragon figurines.
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hpa-Feliciano's avatar
I'll see you there as latvia or canada
HowManyDragons's avatar
Nice, see you there! :)
hpa-Feliciano's avatar
well, saturday morning is either latvia or canada and the afternoon is haruhi or hunny from ouran high school host club. Depends on when I get my latvia wig.
blackflower944's avatar
i wish i could go!!!!!
TheElfDruid's avatar
BOSTON IS TOO FAR FROM WHERE I LIVE. DARN. (Sorry in a frustrated mood xD) Why couldn't it be the farmers market in SC..
ArlyssStewart's avatar
Too bad Boston is so far away from me. Have fun at the convention though :)
FairyOfThundera22's avatar
Darn it...I was looking forward to see you again. Oh well, hopefully next year... 
HowManyDragons's avatar
So sorry, I wish I were going too.
FairyOfThundera22's avatar
Well...there's always next time, right? I'll miss you...
Scientwist-001's avatar
:0 See you at Anime Boston! ^^ I can't wait to see your table! Your art is amazing. 
HowManyDragons's avatar
Sweet, I look forward to seeing you there! :D
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