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Updated D20 Dragon Pendant Sampler

Sorry for being rather quiet on DA these past few weeks. I've been working away behind the scenes, and there's a lot going on back here! I've been busy prepping for my last convention of the year (Another Anime Con, in Manchester, NH - this weekend!) and I've also been working on new products as well as overhauling old ones. One of my big goals was to redo my dragon necklace listings with updated photos, as my style has yet again shifted over time, and the old photos were looking a bit dated. I ended up sculpting new dragons for all the color options, swapped out unpopular old colors for new ones, and even created an eye color chart. It's taken weeks, and I feel like I've been working on this project forever, but I'm so close to finishing! :nuu: The photos have all been taken, there's just a little more editing to slog through.

Anyway, this is one of the updated collages - a collection of some of my favorite dragons, giving an idea of the types of colors and poses that I offer. I will never stop loving that galaxy coloration, but in this particular set, I am especially loving the leafy orange dragon and the sleeping baby blue dragon. Which one is your favorite?


Would you like a baby dragon of your very own? Check out my customizable pendant listing to order d20 dragon pendant in your favorite colors. These are really fun to make, and I'd love to create one just for you!

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HMD is on: Etsy | Facebook | Instagram
Interested in commissioning me? I welcome custom work! Check my Commission Information for all the details

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I want one >w< or all of them
LaurensTea's avatar
Ahhhh too cute for me, they're awesome!!! <33
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These are amazing
Lissia11's avatar
I really like this on the middle one with space ;)
tinydtk's avatar
Totally love all of them
jasteru's avatar
ohhh i want one...XD
GlitteringGlambert's avatar
These are so pretty! I'm always amazed by your work. Will you be at Newcastle Comic Con next weekend, by any chance? I'd love to buy some of your dragons!
HowManyDragons's avatar
No, sorry, I just finished my last show of the year today!
GlitteringGlambert's avatar
Aw well, just means I'm going to have to hunt your Etsy for one that catches my eye!
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Haha, the red and black dragon is adorable :) and of course the sleeping dragons are still so cute :D.
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He's just trying to hang on. xD
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I got one of these and can't recommend them enough to everyone else! All my friends, both gamers and non-gamers, think it's so cool.
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Thank you so much for the kind words! :love:
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My favorites are the top left, orange-leaf, and galaxy. ^.^
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I do have a soft spot for the leafy dragons. :3
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The very middle one is my favorite! =D
HowManyDragons's avatar
Glad to hear it! I do like that galaxy finish too. ^_^
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