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Sweet Dreams

I love this pair of sleeping beauties! I was recently commissioned to make a pair of cuddled up, sleeping dice holder dragons in opposite shades of orange and black. I had to give the orange dragon short horns so that he wouldn't poke his partner in the eye. :giggle: I really like the opposing colors in these two - black and bright colors are always a win in my book.

Handmade out of colored, oven-bake polymer clay, Premo brand. D20s were purchased, I did not make them. Dice are loose and can be removed, dragons are fixed together into a single piece.

Black and bright colors FTW!
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I love your D20 Dragons they are so freaking Cute!!!! 
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question.... is this polymer clay? like sculpey? because mine always melt.... and how do you get the heads shaped that way!?!??! i can olny make my little ovals...
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Yes, it's polymer clay. I use Premo for the most part. How are your pieces melting? I hear about pieces burning in the oven, which can happen if you don't follow the baking directions on the package.

Shaping comes with practice. I had to make hundreds of dragons before I got the heads to look really consistent. You might find it helpful to make an armature for your sculptures as well. I used to use tin foil for that purpose, but these days, I prebake bits of clay instead.
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When you say you prebake bits of clay, do you then use those bits as armatures for the 'actual' clay sculpture? That's a cool idea, as I tend to find tin foil rough to work with. Do you find it 'breathes' as well as the tin foil?
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Yep, here's an example, the green bits are the dragon's armature: 1. Color tests. Full set of process photos are here.

I got fed up with how air bubbles trapped between the foil and the clay would expand in the oven and ruin my sculptures. The clay cores don't have any rough edges, so no air gets trapped. It's a time saver and much better for my sanity! :lol:

Not quite sure what you mean by 'breathes'. The clay armature has no give to it, if that's what you mean, but I just use the armature to have something solid to work against so that my clay isn't squishing all over the place as I work. For me, it's less about saving on the cost of materials than it's about speeding up my work.
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Excellent, thanks for the link to the process photos! It's cool to see your method. I'll definitely give the pre-baked clay armature idea a try next time I do some clay work. :thumbsup:
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No problem! Haha, I should probably convert those photos into a journal post at some point instead of hiding them in my stash. :]

Good luck, I hope the clay armature helps!
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ooooooohhhhh Ive had mine burn..... it actually looked really cool.... the top of its frill on his head burned a little and so did the end of his tail.... which worked out nicely because it turned black and i ran out at the time
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Hehe, I think every polymer clay artist has been there. I remember one of my first dragons was scorched all over the top of his body. He had this terrified look on his face, so it looked like maybe another dragon has sneezed on him! :giggle:
EndersGirl1142's avatar
XD thats hilarious! hey, if you come to my profile and go to my gallery in about a day or two.... you can see the ones i made! (keep in mind im actually younger than im supposed to be O_o)
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Daawww! X3

Pleasant dreams, little dragons.
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Ohhh, these are *beautiful*. I love the colours, and the pose is adorable. =)
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Thank you so much! :huggle:
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Too cute :). The colour combination is awesome too!
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Omg these are amazing!!
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I love them so much! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
Am I the only one that thinks of sleeping cats when I look at this? 
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holly crap these are adorable! you are amazing!
I want one!
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Aww, thank you so much! :heart:
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