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Sleepy Star Dragon

This sparkly black space dragon has had a hard day, and now she just wants to lie down and rest. Too bad she's committed to keeping an eye on her gem at all times! D:

More sparkly black clay, but this time with spacier accents. I gave her some pearly purple and blue horns in order to match her crystal gem, and she also has a line of rainbowy crystal rhinestones running down her back for some extra celestial sparkle. I think this pose is really cute! I make lying down dragons reasonably often, but they're not usually sprawled out like this. The dragons usually have a greater sense of decorum. :]

This dragon has been sold, but you can still find additional photos on Etsy.

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Sleepy dragon :3 
drgness's avatar
Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] adorable! 
ssj4Thetis's avatar
EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I want to boop her snoot! X3
MrsVeryArty's avatar
I SO WANT A DROAGON NOW, and that is how you spell dragon!
MLP-Bases-for-u's avatar
Holy sheet of paper! That's tiny and cute as buck!
mercy430's avatar
oh my cheese...........THIS IS SO PRECIOUS  
Swifty52's avatar
Aww! That's so cute! I love the position!
Fire-Jewel-64's avatar
Awesome!=D Is it okay if I use this image as my avatar on here?
HowManyDragons's avatar
zephyr-fresco's avatar
cuuutteeee i want the dragonLlama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
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This one is so cool! <3
Brakonu's avatar
Awe I love it
DragonDrawer102's avatar
This dragon is so Beautiful with all the little stars on it! I love stars! You did a very good job with this dragon!
XiaNumber14's avatar
I think the black glitter goe great with those colors. And I love the pose, because I can imagine her just flopping down.
cascadeninjawolf's avatar
wonderful! This little one is just so adorable!
SakuraSculpture's avatar
Great job!
i really love how his horns match the colors of the stone he is holding.
aerisami's avatar
I love the pose!
Esper-of-Tropica's avatar
Oh goodness, I swear one day I shall get one.

Until then, I shall work on the money.

This may take a few years lol.
HowManyDragons's avatar
Hehe, well as long as nothing horrible happens, I'll probably still be making these a few years down the line. :giggle:
Esper-of-Tropica's avatar
Which is awesome! :giggle:

Trust me, I wish I could sculpt this well.

And with this dedication.

I only got two knights done in my chess set, and I'm not looking forward to the fluffy ones.
thecatseyefire's avatar
I think she's extremely adorable :>
I love that gem she's guarding too <3
Also though...I was wondering. Do the gems and things that your dragons hold stick to them, or can they be removed?
HowManyDragons's avatar
Most of the time, the gems and props are not removable. In fact, I tend to superglue them into place because clay doesn't really bind to stone or glass. The big exception is my dice holders, which are designed for the dice to be removable.
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