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Jade Guardian Dragon

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One of the projects that I've been wanting to try for some time is faux jade. I finally gave it a shot, and the effect is not bad, but the colors were a bit too desaturated for my taste. I like those hints of gold, though. Subtle, and not overwhelming.

I tried a few more color mixes that I'm not going to bother to show, and my conclusions were that mixing colors that were too dark and too light together were jarring (think ugly camo), and that overall, the time and effort spent were pointless, because Fimo Effect Jade delivers exactly what I want. >_< More on that in my next post~

Crafted from Premo polymer clay, with glass bead eyes.

Faux stone experiments

Blue Labradorite Dragon by HowManyDragons Green Crystal Dragon by HowManyDragons First Labradorite Dragon by HowManyDragons Black Opal Dragon by HowManyDragons

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This is gorgeous. I know you said it looks too saturated, but I've got to say, I think the colours and the texture looks really jade-like :). Also, I love the gold highlights.
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Il est trop mignon j'aimerais trop qu'il soit vivant
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It's so prettyLovei love it soooo much
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Glad you like! Thank you for the kind words. <3
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The body color of this one seems so natural :) (Smile) 
Lya-The-Dweeb's avatar
very nice! keep up the great work!!
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Thank you very much. <3
Lya-The-Dweeb's avatar
youre very welcome!
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This looks really nice, and I think you nailed that milky, clouded effect that jade has. Maybe try a less yellow-y green next time? I think that the green you used on its back matches the color of jade perfectly, though. It’s still much better than I can do at any rate!
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Haha, yeah, this was just me taking a bunch of the green clays that I had lying around and mixing them all together to see what would happen. I would definitely make adjustments the next time around.
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It would take me months for me to draw this as Beautiful as you made it
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This works really nicely :)
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Yes, I've been trying to get the same effect with Sculpey for a friend's project these past few weeks, and it's been very frustrating to get a good mix.
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Yeah, I think I could narrow in on a good set of colors if I were really interested in nailing the look, but I was more interested in trying out the process. Got that out of my system, and didn't want to have too many weirdly marbled green dragons at my next show. xP
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And oddly, it's for a dragon gift for a friend too. 
Eventually I'll get the mix right. 
(I may use it for the panda project instead) :shrug:
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Good luck, I hope you find a mix that you like. ^_^
Mindslave24-7's avatar
(back to the clay mines, once I finally heal up.) :nod:
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Saturated or not, it still gives that jade vibe, and looks just as lovely :)
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You're welcome! Keep up the good work :D
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