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Egyptian Gem Dragon

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Every now and then I like to go back and work on my Egyptian-themed dragons. I really love the contrast between black and gold, but this time I decided to add some pearly teal to spice things up. I really like the result! This little guy has a matching gold collar inset with two tiny blue crystals, and he's holding a rainbowy gem in his tail that sparkles in warm hues of red, purple and gold.

Crafted from polymer clay and Swarovski crystals, dragon is about 3 inches long.

This little guy is looking for a home, so please drop by his listing if you'd like to see pricing information and additional photos.

Egyptian influence
Walk Like an Egyptian by HowManyDragonsYu-Gi-Oh: Pharaoh Atem by HowManyDragonsEgyptian Jackal-Dragon by HowManyDragonsDeer-Dragon Hybrid: Summer by HowManyDragons

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Primitive Era Monguins

Had to comment on your cutie with my cuties.

I identified Ancient Egypt and other societies of the Classical Period as depicted in fantasy as "The Sorcery Age."

The monkey-penguin hybrid second from the left, the one with a Sphinx outfit, represents this age, and your work would fit this category very well.

Typically, people write Medieval Fantasy stories with some may include only one dragon each, and that dragon becomes the center of that story's plot. Most of the time, the backstories on those stories, like Lord of the Rings for example, are filled with dragons, but are also archaic times when magic is a bit abundant. Dragons did exist once on Middle Earth, but by the time the main Lord of the Rings trilogy happens, dragons are extinct.

Ancient Egypt essentially feels like it should be equally as archaic as the dragon, and dragons in later periods are typically depicted as hoarders or guardians of treasure, and protectors of dungeons. Such basically describes Egyptian Pyramids.

That being said, I faved this picture, not only because it's cute, but it's also inspiring for my world-building process. According to such analysis, I bet this little pet dragon is going to stay young and cute for many Egyptians' lives and adored by many. However, it's going to grow up to be a colossal Great Wyrm by the time the Saracens build their first castle.

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This is probably my favorite so far! I would buy one of these beauties from you but alas I have no money, so I wish you good fortune instead.
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No worries! Thank you for the kind words and wishes, I really appreciate it. :hug:
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Wow..........(speechless)Heart 😱🐲🐉Dragons 4 Life
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the horns gives it alot of Fazaaz =D
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Hope you keep up that work! ^^
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An amazing mix of dragon and Egyptian. I guess it would be pharaoh wear?
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It's amazing Clap 
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The colour contrast in this is gorgeous :). And I love the details of the necklace and the horns. 
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Im fucking melting, this is so cute.
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Very elegant and mysterious critter - lovely design!
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seeing this makes me wanna make a tribute drawing of this guy XD and of course I'll credit that its ur dragon too X3 I've never tried drawing anything Egyptian themed before but its worth a shot cause I'm already getting ideas popping up in my head on how to draw him/her
HowManyDragons's avatar
You should go for it, I'd love to see what you come up with! :)
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Glad to hear it, thank you!
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