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Deadpool Dragon

Made on commission, Deadpool dragon is my very first comic book dragon. >w< I was hesitant in getting started on this project, because I've never really tried to do a dragon wearing an outfit, and I wasn't sure I'd be able to pull off the mask. Fortunately, he turned out way better than I, my husband, or my commissioner expected, so many thanks to her for getting me to step outside of my comfort zone. xD I love the tiny belt buckle, and you can't really see it in this image, but he has two swords strapped on his back, which came out pretty good too.

I made Deadpool while watching the 3rd Iron Man movie. It's a good movie! I liked it much much more than the second one, but I'd have to rewatch the first one sometime to figure out which one I like best. ^^

All handmade with polymer clay - no paint involved. As usual, extra angles are viewable on Etsy.
Deadpool © Marvel.

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You. My friend. Are. Awesome!
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Omg Awesome ♥O♥
Your creativity knows no bounds!  It's such a goofy idea, and you made it work so well.

I hope you sent a copy of this picture to the guys at Marvel! (had to 'Favorite' this.)
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Hehe, this is one of those things I would never have thought to make if someone hadn't commissioned me to. :]
Even so, you nailed it perfectly.

I mean it about sending a picture to Marvel. You never know... There just might be a Dragon Deadpool joining the Deadpool Corps!
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Deadpool as a dragon??? God help us all.... o_o
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This is freakin' awesome! The eyes of love... 
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OMG! My boyfriend loves Deadpool and your Dragon came out so awesome!!! 
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But where are the chimichangas?
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Sadly, my skill does not lie in making tiny foods, though it would have been funny to include one. :)
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I think he's really good, and it makes me wonder if you could do other Marvel superhero dragons. All of your dragons are really good!
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Thanks, I've always meant to make some more Marvel superhero dragons. Just haven't gotten around to it yet!
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I think Captain America will look great as one of your cute little dragons! (He's my favorite hero in my favorite team from my favorite hero studio!)
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Okay, I swear to Jesus I thought this was Guilmon (Digimon character) dressed up as Deadpool at first glance :O

Oh My GOD :rofl:
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Haha, that might be the crossover to end all crossovers! xD
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No shit, that would be the best crossover ever!!! :la:
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