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Clay Dragon Pendants

I am so excited to share these with you! I have begun my foray into making dragon jewelry, and I decided to get started by making pendants. I have come up with three different styles, and I really like them all. The mini d20 dragons were a natural choice. Some are awake, some are sleeping, but all are totally adorable! The dragons are sculpted in the round, so technically the pendants are double-sided, though I'm not sure why you wouldn't want the 20 facing outward. =P The dice aren't removable (I am not sure why everyone keeps asking about that?) as the clay fuses to the dice when baked in the oven. The dragon eyes were my first concept. I had a lot of fun playing with different textures and coatings on these, plus there was also the fun of hunting down the right kind of stones to use for the eyes. And lastly, little baby glass gem dragons, with each curled around a glass cabochon treasure. I have a few different poses for these, ranging from watchful to sleepy. These guys are single-sided, unlike their d20 brethren.

This is just a small sample of what I will be bringing with me to Otakon (I have more than a dozen in each style and they're alllll different), so if you're headed there next week, come find me at table CC-03 in the Artist Alley to get one for yourself! Otakon's in less than a week and while I'm totally not ready for it, I'm so excited~ :la:

Sculpted out of colored polymer clay, with the addition of various glass and crystal gems, dice, mica powders, etc. All strung on gorgeous black satin cord.

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What type of clay you use and what tools did you use too?
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I use colored, oven-bake polymer clay - my favorite brand is Premo. Check out my Frequently Asked Questions journal, as it answers a lot of basic questions about my process.
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Okay then I check it out then
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They are super cute, especially the first one that is sleeping... But personally - and unfortunetly - I wouldn't wear those :/ I mean, they are really professional and beautiful but I just don't see it, wearing necklaces with dragons.
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That's okay, I wouldn't expect these to appeal to everyone. But I can say that there are people who like to wear dragon jewelry, and they're fun to make. :)
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May I ask what OtaKon is?
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It's the biggest anime convention on the east coast, held in Baltimore every summer. More information at ^^
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They're so beautiful!
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Oooooooh... Prettyyyyyyyyy...
HowManyDragons's avatar
I'm glad you like them! :D
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Wow they're so neat!
I love the second one it's glowly gem eyes are so aweesomeee and the pose around the die is just super cute ;o;
HowManyDragons's avatar
Thanks! The rhinestone eyes are pretty striking, aren't they? ^^
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I'm glad you like them!
Anything that doesn't sell at Otakon will be put up for sale in my Etsy shop, so that might be something to look out for. ^^
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Aww that's new! Great like always :)
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Ah, man. The dragon eye concept is really cool! 
Maybe you could make dragon paw pendants! They are very fun to make, I've made a couple a little while ago, but none made it to DA.
Yeah, you should try making a dragon paw pendant. Oooh, or maybe an amphithere Celtic knot pendant!!! Those are suuppperr fun!!!
HowManyDragons's avatar
Dragon claws were concept #4, but I didn't have the chance to work on any. I'll probably give them at shot at some point. :]
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I want one in real life!
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Well, anything that doesn't sell at Otakon will be put up for sale in my Etsy shop. And I'll put some thought into custom order options for these too. :)
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Yep yep, I'll announce something over here when I get that all straightened out. Might take me a little while, though - I usually need several days to recover from a convention. xD
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