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Clay Dragon Color Chart

Here's something that I've been meaning to put together for well over a year now - a guide to the basic colors of clay I offer, based on dragons that I've made. I finally sat down this weekend and just did it! Took several hours because I had to scour through a huge cache of pictures, but now it's done, thank goodness.

I've been wanting to make something like this because while I do use Premo clay for the most part, I don't use all of the colors that they offer and pull in a few colors from other brands. So there was nothing that exactly demonstrated which colors I use. Plus, some of the color charts that one might find online (especially ones that only show RGB hex values) show colors that are wayyyyy off, and I thought it would be helpful to display the colors that I use with (reasonably) similar lighting. The end result is 35 different colors, and these are just standard base colors straight from the package - no color mixes (hence the lack of translucents) or additions like mica pigments. Hopefully this will give potential commissioners a better idea of what colors I have to work with.

Also, dang! 35 colors. And this doesn't even cover all of them - just the ones that I'm prepared to offer up on a regular basis. I have a lot of clay. :XD:


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All your Dragons are so cute! I love how you are not like all these other people copying from Dragons and Beasties, and you actually have your own style of making Dragons, and you make your Dragons enough so people are not fighting each other just to get 2 or 3 Dragons that come out once a month. (that's Dragon and Beasties who does that)