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Angels in Action

I've never had my own Christmas tree, but I really wanted to get some pictures of my angelic dragon ornaments 'on the job'. I was originally going to go to the local Lowe's hardware store because they have a big Christmas decor section, but I ended up going to my husband's workplace and taking pictures on the tree in the lobby. I'm glad I ended up going that route, because I was there for over an hour and I probably would have been kicked out of the hardware store. Also, a random guy walked by and asked me if I'd remembered to turn the ISO up on my camera, so that was helpful because I'd forgotten and my pictures were all blurry and dark (photo n00b).

Editing photos with a more complex background is way more interesting than the blank backgrounds that I'm used to. Even if, in the end, all I did was adjust the contrast and crop the image. xD Anyway, what was I saying? These ornaments look fantastic on a tree? Yes, yes they do. :nod:

The full set:
Christmas Horn Angel Dragon by HowManyDragonsLittle Lyre Angel Dragon by HowManyDragonsRockin' Angel Dragon by HowManyDragons
They're all up for sale too!
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Dec 6, 2013, 7:15:38 PM
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*plays song* *eats berries for snacc*
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My dream Christmas tree would be full of dragons like these.
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That would be an awesome tree! :D
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They're so cute :heart:
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I'm glad you like them! ^^
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Hehehe they are so cute! Heart Giggle 
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The look awesome in the tree. It's a really great photo, full of Christmas :)
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Thanks! I took SO MANY photos, just to get a few that looked presentable. This one was the best out of the lot. :]
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I love them !! ^__^ And I hope that someone will buy them to you ! Good luck ;)
HowManyDragons's avatar
Thanks for the well wishes! ^^
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You're welcome ^^  Il love your dragons
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Oh these guys are wonderful! I'm wondering how much they weigh, because if they fall it would be devastating >v<'
HowManyDragons's avatar
They're quite light, but they are fragile too... They might do all right with a fall onto carpet, but falling onto anything harder would probably be bad. Fortunately, super glue works wonders on polymer clay. xD

But yeah, this is why I don't turn more dragons into keychains or anything. They wouldn't survive for very long.
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Great action shot! Though I can tell you from experience, people in stores are pretty lenient - so long as you don't look like your about to steal something, they don't mind how long you stick around, and arty shenanigans can brighten up a dull day:XD:
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Hehe, they were actually having some sort of conference/talk at the place where I took my pictures, so I got to entertain the desk attendant and tell her about my dragons. It all worked out. :]
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Haha, good stuff:D
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AWWW they are so cute
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