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We live, come join me and help me come up with things for my thing.


Jinx Gumroad
Jinx Gumroad Ad by HowlSeage

Hey everyone! I've been running my Patreon for a while now, and gaining traction there! Its still not very much money, but its getting better! In the meanwhile, to offset things,
I'm trying my hand at gumroad and sellfy. I'm actually in a very tight spot at the moment and urgently need some funds. Its not that much, but I put up my first piece on there! 

Its for black jinx. Its only $2.99, so if you have any spare change lying around and can help me out, i would really appreciate it. Next time i'd like to post a video walkthrough of some sort to give back more. Can you guys help me hit my insanely high goal of $11? Im serious, lol. 

The links are here:

Any donation really helps me! Thank you all!



What the hell? Well. I've always used music to study languages. And I'm learning Japanese. I can already sing in Japanese, but i've never really shared it. I was wondering if anyone else does this or would want to talk about it? I have an account on NicoNicoDouga but i havent uploaded anything yet. I don't even know what song to start with. I wish i was better at japanese so I could write my own as I already have a bit of A japanese singing style, but alas, i need to wait, study and blahblahbklahbl. 

Anyways, just looking for others who do this or are interested in it :) Its going to be posted on my youtube channel too. 

By the way, coming back (again again again) soon. But this time,, im not sticking to one thing. I'll be rotating many types of content so that I never burn out again. I left each time because I felt trapped HAVING to do the same things over again. Especially when i saw the numbers dropping dramatically. Anyways, yeah, woo. Whatever. Lets go. 
Streaming now! Commission time!

Come join, commission me $28 1hour speed portraits, normally $40, blahblahblahblahblahblahblah.  

Come talk to me, i talk a LOTTTT

Hey guys, i just wanted to tell everyone im streaming now on Twitch, so come hangout if you're bored!
Whaaaaaaaaaaat?! Thank you so much! I log in everyday to browse DA. Im mostly a lurker these days, but I'm still around. So i was extremely surprised to find I had a 3 month sub from someone! In the past there was a glitch that would let you see who gave you the subscription, but they fixed it, darn it! To whoever you are, mystery person, I'd just like to thank you so much! You didn't have to at all! Now I feel almost obliged to upload new pieces i've been sitting on :D

Outside of the amazing person who gave me that subscription (send me a note, I want to thank you personally) I've also hit 100,000+ views on my profile! I never thought I would ever be one of those guys, haha. I've never been a "popular" person. I was always overlooked growing up. I was liked, yes, but never anyones first pick, haha. People had to talk to me to like me. It wasn't just an overall "this guy seems cool!" thing from a distance, like what some people have. But right now, I feel cool! Hahaha. I know its probably nothing to some of you guys! And i know some of my watchers have over 1 million page views, but this means a lot to me :D Im a simple guy!

Thanks so much everyone for your support over the years! And thank you Annon!!!!!
So, I posted a video asking people to tell me their favorite master paintings and their favorite characters. (games, anime, whatever) I got a bunch of awesome replies and started to work on my first ever Fakeup Tutorial. I REALLY admire/love makeup tutorials. I never follow them as I'm a male who doesn't wear makeup, but fashion and beauty mean so much to me, and that style of video is just so awesome for me. I'm subscribed to many beauty and fashion creators on youtube. So i decided to make a series inspired by that. Where I do a fake tutorial of an animated character but crossed with a master painting in some way. Its still new, and I kinda messed up the "master painting" part in this first video due to huuuge planning mistakes, but I've figured out the issues and i'm ready to dominate in the future. I wanted to share it here with you all because I feel like you here on DA would really appreciate this (thats if you still even pay attention to my page anymore, lol).

So here you go. Hope you enjoy it at least a little bit!:

And you might know me from such programs as Art Tips & Life Blips. And the Go Out with Me series, and Seage watches Boku no Pico and so on. I'm here today to tell you about my gaming channel. Where I game, on a channel...everyday. I'm also hoping to brainstorm with you guys. I've always wanted to use my art to entertain, connect and sometimes teach others. People who may not have picked up a pencil or brush in their entire lives. I wanted my work to connect with them and make them laugh, smile, cry, think. But over the years, all I have done was stay hidden away within the art community.  It almost feels selfish. Not that I hate the art community, but its kind of against what I set out to do. 

Since I've been in Japan, I took a break from Seage Speaks. Mostly because Art Tips and Life Blips was running out of fuel. Theres only so much you can say before you run out of problems to fix. And I didn't want to start repeating myself over and over, which I found myself beginning to do. What did I want to do? I want to make people laugh. Make them smile. When I'm down, I go to comedy of some sort to make me feel better, and I've always wanted to use my art to do the same. But nevvver have I done that. What the eff?

I'm planning something. A comeback for my channel. If you've seen my videos, you know I do speedpaints with multiple brushes going at the same time. I'm planning to continue that, combo with matte painting, and mixing live action. I want to tell stories, do guide and advice parodies for situations, and have fun with some of my favorite things that I'm a fan of, like anime, games, disneyyyy! And other things that I never let myself touch due to feeling like I had to be "pure". Pure what? I can totally create my own things whilst expressing my excitement/enjoyment of someone elses IP. 

So anyways, 2 things. I just wanted to introduce you to my daily gaming channel. I'm posting everyday for 30 days. And second. What kind of fun content would you just love to see if you weren't trying to just learn art? I'm probably going to have to show an example of just what I can do with my idea first before anyone can give any real feedback, but yeah, an example would be "I'd love to see an anime lore session, where you talk about so and so and show where they're from and blahblah" Or "It would be hilarious if you did a Disney Mental...institution? What??

Disclaimer: Very bad language. I don't hold back. You've been warned:

Ps. Don't mind the downvotes. I attempted to ask Reddit for crits, lmao. Terrible mistake. They were just one upping each other in taking life too seriously and had a negativity pissing contest.

Please share this if you enjoy it. I'd love to grow this channel as well. I'm just on the hunt for what makes me truly happy. Its a hard search, but I think I'll figure it out one day. 

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you all know that i'm finally in japan, haha. Well, ive been here for a month. Some of you who follow my youtube might have seen a dip in content, but i haven't actually disappeared! I've been working on my life channel, where I do everything else thats fun for me! Im going to be streamlining it more soon, just throwing concepts and ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks. Been having a ridiculous amount of fun with it too! 

Id like to share my favorite video to date: 

I hope you all like this. I really want to grow this channel. i want to expand and get my fashion stuff going on here too soon. I know its not art tips and whatnot, but i still think i'm doing some cool stuff. I guess my interest just grew. Anyways, if you like it, let me know and then let 1 friend know. Lets grow this :D 

Peace out! 

PS. Gonna try to meet some Japan based artists if I can, and force them on camera :P
Hey everyone!

Well as you can see, I'm finally going to Japan! Its a pretty big deal for me right now because my girlfriend is there, and I haven't seen her in so long. I'm really excited about the trip! I'm gonna be in Osaka as my home base, but hope to check out more of the country! I really want to go to Hokkaido!! The rest of it I stated in my video, haha. 

In other news, I started a Patreon! Not sure how many of you still watch me here, but I figured I'd let you know. I'm hoping to get back to my roots and start creating more and more work like I used to. With patreon, I'll be able to do more of that. Go and check it out. If you like the perks, please support. And if you think I should add or change anything, please let me know as well.

I appreciate any and all support you give :) Thanks everyone!

SeageSpeaks on Patreon - Click Me

Yo yo. Decided to do my DA story in the form of a video. Going to update and link everyone in this journal once I get internet at home again, because I'm sneaking by the school and stealing a connection, lol

Hey guys. Its been a while since I've typed to you. I've been so focused on Youtube these days. I really feel i've found my home there, but i wanted to say thank you here. I know and recognise a bunch of you who have come over there and supported me! I'm actually already doing better there than I am here. And I had under a year to get those results on Youtube and 7 here on DA. Youtube really is up my alley. 

I've found that utilizing all of my skills rather than just one, is something that truly interests me. I was struggling just making art for arts sake, or just to improve. I was constantly wondering what i was improving for. What was my goal? And I was a little unhappy doing it, but now... Now I feel like this is what it was for. To tell stories. 

So as some as you know, I recently launched my new series, Romance in Japan. I'm super happy with how it came out, although i think a lot of people overlooked it because its not my regular type of content. Actually... I'm planning on starting my own website to post and talk about japan because i'm not quite sure of any websites where I can promote and talk about this. But im so interested in the culture. Plus, it will be my home soon... But anyways. If you know of any good communities that have to do with japanese culture and more than just language learning, please let me know, or maybe even share my video there. I'm going to post it here for you to see. 

I actually created my own hybrid timelapse style that i've been working on since before my channel existed. I've finally figured it all out and people seem to be loving it. I hope you all like it too :)

Super Stream will be on in 20 minutes here:…  Chat Room for the Stream:…  See you there!  

Totally stole this from Sycra, hahaa 
Hi all. Artist and Grasstivist, Seage here.
I ma... Gosh, I'm getting emotional. I made this video... I hope you can appreciate it.

Please remember to share this with anyone as passionate about grass as i am....
Lol, I was wondering how I could put it in the title properly. I made a new video! 

Decided to pay it forward by giving away some art for free with the option of "pay what you want". Hope you guys enjoy this weeks video and my little gift. Please share this around the internets if you feel it will help others.

Instructions on how to get the files are in the description below my video.
The files include a PSD and 2 HR JPGs, if you would like to print.

I'm not quite sure if people will want this, but I really want to help more people through both my words any my art. :) 

Love you all,

Hey yall. So a bunch of people over on Youtube were asking me how I improved in art. And so I figured, since its youtube...i'd make a video! Its broken into 2 parts, and they're both linked here. I do hope you enjoy them and maybe they will help you in your own journey.

Love yall and stuff!

Part 1

Part 2

I'm very honored and humbled to announce that I was featured on The Artorder! A site that I check and follow regularly due to the amazing content, features and tips. Its a great hub for any artist or creative as the content spans pretty wide! I HIGHLY recommend subscribing to it, especially if you are a fantasy illustrator. The creator was previously the art director for Dungeons & Dragons at Wizards of the Coast.

Thanks so much Jon Schindehette for featuring my video! I'm still speechless (well, almost, haha).

Check it out:
The dust has settled and i'm finally back to making videos. I make motivational videos and also funny videos too. All relating to creativity. I hope you will check me out there. I'm going to be around there for a long time, and probably more involved than on here. If you want to follow me, please subscribe to my youtube channel. I post new videos every week:

  Hi all. I'm opening limited time only-better-than-sketch kinda-fashiony portrait commissions. I'm usually pretty slow, but I've learned a way of painting (examples below) that allow me to work muuuch faster. I'm planning to do a commission a day (or 2, if its complex or requires extra research) from now until my girlfriend comes to Canada.

My girlfriend lives in Japan. The last time I saw her was over a year and a half ago, and shes coming here for Christmas and New Years!! I'm super excited, but I want to be able to go out with her, buy her a gift. All that romantic stuff, but at the moment, I hardly have enough money for food, to be quite honest... So thats why I want to work nonstop until she gets here, and do character portraits. I'm mostly going to be doing them in black and white, like seen in these examples- so if you like my color and figure I suck at b&w, hopefully this is a pleasant surprise for you, lol. 

Anyways, portraits will be priced as thus:
$35 for B&W
Anything else- note me and we'll talk

first come, first serve.


2</a> 3</a>

No full body for now. 

If you know anyone who would be interested, please please please share this with them :)
These are DA only prices. I'll be charging a lot more off site (probably double, lol) so make sure to take complete advantage of me while the offers hot, loll! The things one will do for love...

Thanks all!

PS. I updated my print shop! Its almost christmas so, get in on this! Lol. I'll post when there are specials!!

And don't forget. Please share!