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2019 Staff applications:…

2019 Art Team applications (Close jan 15th):…

Furry Feud needs your help! We need as many folks as possible to fill out this survey (… ) so that we will have answers for the game show event at howl!

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ATTENTION! A handful of rooms just became available! THESE ARE THE LAST ROOMS! Info at 
Book your room with the info on the site and then make sure to email to confirm what room type you want as they are NOT guaranteed through the hotel booking.

Our schedule is up and you can even add it to your google calendar for notifications and reminders! Check it out at
This includes artist alley times, hangout room and reg times, main events, panels, gaming, photoshoots and more!

Our Artist Alley has been updated! Even MORE amazing vendors will be there so don't miss out! Check out their wares at
Attention Artist Alley applicants! Approval emails have been sent so please check your inboxes (or Junk mail, in case it landed there. Add our emails and domains to your safe lists if this is an issue!) Seating arrangements will be up in a few days!
Are there specific things that you think Howloween is missing that you'd like to see for 2018? We want to hear from you over at…

Howl2018 Art Team Applications are OPEN at

Form closes Jan 15th 2018. Applicants will hear back during the final portion of Jan.

Info/perks/etc listed on the top of the application.

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Hey guys! We now have an Announcements Channel where you can get just the update posts and none of the group chatter.

If you are interested in talking to others going to Howl, organize ride/rooms, post about your vending hours in the artist alley or what you are selling, etc, our group chat is at
Howloween now has a Flickr group!…

All howloween images are welcome provided they follow the guidelines, even previous year images!
DJ applications have been extended. New due date TBA!
Application and info at

Hey guys! We are looking for more DJ's - Please spread the word!

Applications close tonight

DJ applications CLOSE OCT 10th!

#dj #event #dance #furry #convention #halloween #howloween #furcon #furrycon
We have two dances this year! DJ applications are open until October 10th!
Howloween is now on Instagram and Tumblr!
Our room block is OFFICIALLY OPEN! Please read the instructions carefully at ! Happy booking!
Good news everyone! Room Block opens Sept 18th!
A little gift for all of your patience, check out our telegram channel for a Howloween Telegram Theme (pinned!)
Thank you to all who applied! An email has been sent out confirming that we received your application.

If you applied and did not get this email (from, please make sure you check your junk mail and if you still do not see it, put the above address on your safe list and email it, asking about your application. (Or feel free to Note us here! Email will get a quicker response however.)
Howloween is doing something a little different this year; An Official Art Team!
Please read the link below for information about what to expect, perks and more!

Artist Application

(Most of our staff are hard at work volunteering for :iconvancoufur: so these applications are going to remain open until March 20th and you will likely not hear back from someone until the end of March!)

Howl2017: Werewolves! Celebrating 15 YEARS of Howloween!

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Friday the 13th is considered bad luck to some but for Howloween? It's a great time to post some news, so stay tuned!