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Klingon Starfleet

This is my take on the new klingon starfleet officers comm badge. I'm not much of a trekkie but i do love the series, their is so much potential with what you can do in the star trek universe. I hope other trek fans like what i have done with it!
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this remins me of the Cardassian-Klingon Alliance, where they incorporate both emblems into 1 single one. this is alot like that, lmao
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Wow, what an awesome combo of both emblems! :) I agree with what another person here said, how this would be just perfect for the character Worf.
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" I'm not much of a trekkie but i do love the series"  i think that goes hand and hand
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Lol Very true. in fact i retract and admit that i am still not a trekkie, but i could be mistaken as a trekker.
Now do a romulan version
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ooo!!! i like this logo "VERY" nice, looks like it belongs in the ST-univers! XD
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Hmmm... General Worf, or Admiral Worf?
HowlingWolf79's avatar
General I like the MACO forces. Can't trust star fleet.
RichTheWolf257's avatar
Oh, Starfleet you can trust! Its Section 31 you should look out for!
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How did you know who I'm with?! RED ALERT RED ALERT
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*grabs tricorder and uses it to encapsulate you in a class-7 force-feild* You won't believe how much time I spend gathering my own personal intel. *picks up a PAAD* I have nearly enough information here to shut down your organization. There's just one piece missing: You.
HowlingWolf79's avatar the one thing you don't have. You see I'm not really here this is a highly advanced hologram that i am remote controlling from a undisclosed location. You have just fallen into my trap. *the interior light dim and the room doors click having been locked* You see someone in my position doesn't live long without learning to see what fleas are scratching. You were good but not good enough. Good bye. * Smiles evilly as force fields spring around the doorways and an ominous gas begins to pump into the seal room*
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You're not going to get me that easy. I'll starve to death before you can gas me to death, and before I starve to death, someone's going to get worried. *Injects self with special borg-nanite hypospray to adapt to the gas* That should last about a week.
HowlingWolf79's avatar
Borg nanites!!! NOOOO!!! They are corrupting my soft...***ware You **** I wil**** Get**** zzzzz *POP* The hologram shuts down and as it does the lights come up, the gas has stopped pumping and the force fields drop from the doors. Suddenly a well hidden panel open ion the wall and a familiar figure emerges. "Your borg tech may have saved you this time, but we have more ways of defeating you, you haven't won yet. *Lifts a phaser to you and fires blindly in rage.* Then turns and runs "feets don't fail me now!!!
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well i do! this look very sweet
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I've been a Trekkie for decades, and I gotta say, this is a VERY COOL design / idea. Very nicely done!

Live Long and Prosper! :D
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Thank you!!! I take that as high compliments indeed. I have always loved Trek. Peace and long life.
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You're welcome. It's a fantastic piece. If they ever reboot the series, I hope someone sees this design: it's awesome! :D
HowlingWolf79's avatar
I got offers for it on Star Trek Online, but they never followed through on it. Still i would love this to be apart of a reboot.
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Good luck with it. It really deserves to be added to Trek-lore, imo. :)
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Sooo Cool:klingon:
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nice rendition! check out mine here: [link]
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