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Cardassian Starfleet

Having fun with diffrent emblems using photoshop, i like to think what if in all my sci-fi genre!
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this would make a cool tattoo
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The interesting thing is with this logo, that the Cardassian one seem to hold on to the Federation one.
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GAH!!! AWESOME!!!! :+fav: This is similar to the one I use for my AU Post-Dominion War emblem. Yours is... well SO better than mine... but *makes grabby hands* I wants it!!! I NEEDS IT!!!! :XD: j/k
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Not bad, but your Klingon/Starfleet and Romulan/Starfleet were better.
The Cardassians were my favourite species. Some thing about there Military dominated Orwellian society appealed to me. Ashame there doesn't appear to be much art about them here.

Nice merger by the way.
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Glad you liked it, i too would like to see more Cardassian art here. Did you know that they evolved from a reptilian like species, much like humans from apes.
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As a big time Trek fan, I have to say this and your Klingon Starfleet emblems are very cool designs. Would love to see alt universe stories where different cultures like the Cardassians or Klingons took the iniative to form a federation of planets like organization.
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Thanks for the comment, i always look forward to comments by fellow Trekers. Also i love your sketch of Link after battle.
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