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By HowlingNeko
Bullet; Green Commission status: 「C L O S E D」

Bullet; Blue INFO 
Arrow left What I will do
 - Original Characters
 - Fanart
 - Mostly humans

Arrow left You will get a high resolution (transparent background for chibis) image (300 dpi).

Arrow left The low resolution along with watermark may get published. 

Bullet; Blue HOW TO ORDER

Arrow left You may send me a note here on deviantart, or an email to this --> Email
 - Voice chat or message on discord works fine too.

Arrow left Tell me what you would like. the more detailed your description is, the better.
 - ex: pose, clothes, colour scheme, (references helps alot)

Arrow left When we have come to agreement, you may pay me for what you ordered. I most likely only accept PayPal bullet payments (include your username/name/email.), IF you are swedish and a close one, then SWISH works good too! When the money has been transferred, I will start on the commission.

Arrow left Price may increase depending on detailed features, clothes etc.

Bullet; Blue PROCESS

Arrow left During the process, I will show you a W I P (work in progress) in its sketch phase. You may do minor changes on it for your satisfaction.

Arrow left Afterwards, I will proceed on the work until it's finished.

Arrow left The work may take from 1 day to 2 weeks.

IMPORTANT details before sending payment via paypal. (read the picture below)
Buying art with PayPal by onisuu

Bullet; Black 「 C O M M I S S I O N   T Y P E S 」

Arrow left CHIBI - 25$ / chibi

 Chibi Ahri by HowlingNekoCommission 1 - MicaOsu by HowlingNekoCommission 2 - Blanc by HowlingNekoCommission 3 - KellyThao by HowlingNeko


If you have questions about my commissions or have questions, then feel free to ask via mail or note :)
© 2016 - 2021 HowlingNeko
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