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Bullet; Green Commission status: 「C L O S E D」

Bullet; Blue INFO 
Arrow left What I will do
 - Original Characters
 - Fanart
 - Mostly humans

Arrow left You will get a high resolution (transparent background for chibis) image (300 dpi).

Arrow left The low resolution along with watermark may get published. 

Bullet; Blue HOW TO ORDER

Arrow left You may send me a note here on deviantart, or an email to this --> Email
 - Voice chat or message on discord works fine too.

Arrow left Tell me what you would like. the more detailed your description is, the better.
 - ex: pose, clothes, colour scheme, (references helps alot)

Arrow left When we have come to agreement, you may pay me for what you ordered. I most likely only accept PayPal bullet payments (include your username/name/email.), IF you are swedish and a close one, then SWISH works good too! When the money has been transferred, I will start on the commission.

Arrow left Price may increase depending on detailed features, clothes etc.

Bullet; Blue PROCESS

Arrow left During the process, I will show you a W I P (work in progress) in its sketch phase. You may do minor changes on it for your satisfaction.

Arrow left Afterwards, I will proceed on the work until it's finished.

Arrow left The work may take from 1 day to 2 weeks.

IMPORTANT details before sending payment via paypal. (read the picture below)
Buying art with PayPal by onisuu

Bullet; Black 「 C O M M I S S I O N   T Y P E S 」

Arrow left CHIBI - 25$ / chibi

 Chibi Ahri by HowlingNekoCommission 1 - MicaOsu by HowlingNekoCommission 2 - Blanc by HowlingNekoCommission 3 - KellyThao by HowlingNeko


If you have questions about my commissions or have questions, then feel free to ask via mail or note :)
Hello everybody! Hope you're all doing well.

I haven't been active lately, but I am going to try stay more active on deviantart.
In this journal, I'm going to announce a few things

For people who doesn't know, I have become a more dedicated twitch streamer, where I livestream creative (digital painting). If you want to catch me on a livestream, then click on the banner below to get directed to my twitch channel.

Click me to see the full size image

The mandatory days and time I stream are:

• Monday - 8 pm (GMT + 2)

• Tuesday - 8 pm (GMT + 2)

• Thursday - 8 pm (GMT + 2)


I also have a discord server, which is like teamspeak/skype. On that platform, you can voice chat or text chat, so if you want to take part of my community and chat with me whenever you want then feel free to hit the banner below.

Click me to see the full size image


For people who want exclusive content (process images, high-res images, PSD/CSP files) of my published artworks, you can buy the extra content on my gumroad shop.

Gumroad icon 2 Link:


I promised several people that I will take commissions, which will occur soon (estimated time - the beginning of May), but currently I am doing some fanart which I will use as a portfolio/showcase for my commission sheet.


That was all for this journal!

Have a great day! :)

Inktober 2015 Finished

Sun Nov 1, 2015, 8:27 AM
Hello nekos & nekoresses!

It's november now and the end of october has been made. The #Inktober challenge 2015 is over and I'm happy to say that... I finished it 100%, without a single day missed. It was a very hefty challenge in regards that I was very busy with my degree project, but it's such a satisfying feeling to have accomplished the challenge despite the amount of other work in the way.

My Inktober challenge were a little tweaked by me and a friend. It started out that I was going to take the challenge together with my friend, as a fun test to see both our different mind-set on our artworks. We came up with different themes for each day and we would draw something in ink along with the mentioned theme.

People do their inktober challenge differently. I did mine by checking what theme it is for the day, then start a pencil sketch on it. Afterwards, I start the inking process. Depending on the condition of myself and the moment, the inked artworks could take from 30 minutes to a rough 4 hours.

Pixelist - FTU Block Bullet Some awnsered questions Pixelist - FTU Block Bullet 

Bullet; Green What was your sole purpose of taking part of the inktober challenge 2015?

Arrow left  Back in 2014 mid October, I heard about this challenge, but did not participate in it. The reason were being 'afraid', or not 'ready' to do so, and not to mention I found out about it in the mid of the month, so I would not be able to do it from the start. I promised myself that I would take the challenge next year, coming all prepared. Aside from that, I promised myself that I would draw much more in the future due to barely drawing back then, so I saw inktober as a great opportunity to do this. 

Bullet; Green What did you gain from the inktober challenge?

Arrow left I gained a good drawing habit, lessening on my lazyness. I gained more discipline along on the way, and my skills were improved, both in drawing and inking technique.

Bullet; Green Which of your submissions are your favourite ones?

Arrow left Personally, day 16 (Indulgence), 18 (art tools), 24 (buildings/houses) and 29 (Ice) are my favourite ones.

Bullet; Green Do you plan to take the inktober challenge year 2016?

Arrow left Hopefully yes.

Bullet; Green Any tips to your watchers or the ones reading this journal about the inktober?

Arrow left Yes. Do take the challenge if you really are into drawing! It is a great challenge to test yourself. Wether you have alot of busy work or school, spend atleast an hour or three à day on the challenge. Not only is it a challenge, but it will change your future settings when it comes to drawing. You will be able to draw more and be less lazy.

Bell Bullet *Animated* (Outline) - F2U I promised a few that I would take a picture of the whole collection. Here it is: Inktober Collection

Bell Bullet *Animated* (Outline) - F2U If you are curious on seeing my inktober submissions, don't hesitate to check out my gallery folder: Inktober 2015

I also want to thank my lovely +watchers for the great support aswell the new +watchers I've gained. You guys rock!! :highfive: :huggle: 

Inktober 2015

Wed Sep 23, 2015, 7:58 AM
Hello fellow people and nekos!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful september! Although it will come to an end and the new month, october will approach.
However, this october I am willing to take on a challenge called the Inktober challenge.

What is Inktober?

Bullet; Green    Inktober is a challenge created by Jake Parker, where the one will draw a picture every single day during the entire month of october, with ink tools. Basically 31 inked artworks will be created per challenger during the month.

The rules

Bullet; Green    An artwork with ink, one per day.

Bullet; Green    Publish it on your blog or social media like Facebook, twitter, tumblr, deviantArt etc.

Bullet; Green    Don't forget the hashtag #inktober.

I have never taken an inktober challenge before, so this will be my first one. There won't be any established prize from this challenge, the main purpose is to create a good drawing habit aswell as improving your inking/drawing skills.

Bullet; Black Source: (For proper and more detailed information, visit the site!)

Are you willing to take the challenge? Leave a comment down below and prepare yourself for INKTOBER!

Earlier inked artworks of HowlingNeko:

Traditional artwork 5 - This kunai by HowlingNeko     Logo design by HowlingNeko     

Mature Content

Traditional artwork 9 - Huh?! by HowlingNeko

Music Promotion

Sat Aug 29, 2015, 11:10 AM
A friend started a youtube channel where he promotes unheard music producers from for example soundcloud.
For one of his videos, he used my latest artwork as the background picture. I feel actually honored to have it featured in the video! :)
However, the music is really nice aswell as the artwork goes well with it!

Here is the video. Enjoy~ 


Live on Twitch

Sun Jun 21, 2015, 8:38 AM
Hello guys!

I have started streaming and am currently live on twitch with some Eden Eternal. Stop by and enjoy the time with me :)


Some tweaks on the homepage

Wed May 6, 2015, 12:31 PM
Hello mates & materesses, I hope you all are doing well!
I've made some changes on my homepage, most likely some web designing and HTML-coding.
My deviant-ID got a new skin along with some custom-made, linked 'buttons' aswell as a border for the icon.

I have also designed a custom journal skin which you can obviously see on this journal that you're reading. XD
More tweaking and editing will occur on my page!

Opinions, comments or anything certain? Let me know in the comment section down below! 

One year older.

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 30, 2015, 10:40 AM

Hello folks!

As you can see, my birthday was yesterday, so now I am one year older (duh).
And I want to deeply thank everyone who wished me a lovely happy birthday. It means alot. :)

Life Is Strange Streaming

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 30, 2015, 10:44 AM

Hello folks.
Not much of a game streamer, but I'll give it a shot for today, why not? :D

Going to stream a new game called "Life Is Strange", be sure to watch on my channel:

Enjoy~ :)

A new year. A new start.

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 5, 2015, 4:41 PM

Hello guys! Hope you all had a lovely christmas and holidays! I myself did have a quite nice one. Y'know, spending time with friends & family. Been pretty busy with other things though. ^^;
However, it's 2015 now, and I got some remaining personal goals that I need to achieve so I got to be more productive this year! (Hope it doesn't turn out like the rest of the previous years... lol...).
Besides me, what goals and plans do you nekos have to achieve this year? Let me know in the comment section below.

Busy days, busy weeks

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 14, 2014, 3:27 PM

Hello mates & materesses!
It's been intense days and weeks... I've been extremely busy with lots of work, studying, homechores etc. Barely had the time or energy to do some new artworks so yeah, sorry if the artuploads have been idle for a big while ^^; But however, that is coming to a temporare end as I will have christmas holiday in approximately one week. Another bad new is that I recently became ill, so uploading my next artwork (halfway done) will be delayed, but I promise you that I will finish it and upload it as soon as possible! :)
I hope to be able to draw more frequently in the future. Anyways, have a nice december and enjoy life to the fullest~

ALSO, belated and deep thanks for the 10,000 pageviews and 200 +watchers! Slowly and steadily GROWING!! :D :iconexcitedplz:

~Original Characters~

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 18, 2014, 2:09 PM

unofficial sheets and scraps.


Cyrus Concept Art by HowlingNeko  OC Design by HowlingNeko

Well what can I say... I was not the popular boy at school during my lifeline but... 100 watchers are something nice and very appreciateable to me. I hope that I can upload many artworks for the desire of you, my watchers :) but I can't guarantee to upload frequently since... I have a busy life ^^; But hopes should not be lost.

However. Thank you alot for the support my dear watchers :D

Have a nice day and onwards, mates & materesses! :iconsnugplz:

So I barely update my journal... Guess it's time to do so for once.

I... Got 1000 Llama badges and I'm happy. Giving out so many Llamas in hopes of getting one returned. So now I'm rocking a fancy Llama, and it looks so lovely. *-*
Also, thanks to all the peeps who gave me Llama badges. :D

In sweden, 04:23 at the moment. Though I've already had my celebration of the new year. I want to wish you all my mates & materesses, messieurs & mesdemoiselles, wether you're from the eastern or the western part of the mother earth herself, a happy new year!

We have left 2013 behind and hopefully have had wonderful memories and achievements from that year. Now... Let's see what 2014 awaits us. After all... The future contains limitless amount of possibilities.

:highfive: :happybounce: Enjoy your new year! :happybounce: :highfive:
I guess the next step for me on this site, is to create my personal OCs. But before I do that, I definitely should create myself a profile pic to liven up my dull dA page. ^^;
Completely finishing off a few assignments and labreports sure is a good relief!
I am done with the course Ecological chemistry and have turned in my report about liquid-phase adsorption, so this week shall be a chill one. Also considering that I have only 2 lectures this week.
With all that settled, I should be able to focus on my artwork in progress. I also ordered a few art tools from amazon. When they arrive, I shall be able to do some wonderful traditional artpieces. :)
Other than that enjoy your week, mates & materesses! ^-^

:happybounce: HowlingNeko :happybounce:
This weekend I will be a bit busy due to an examination in ecological chemistry coming up on thursday aswell as a report have to be written in unit operation of chemical engineering.
Other than that, I am working on an artpiece that might take a while til it's done, but I have finished the sketch traditionally as I will work on it via photoshop CS6 during my spare time.

Have a wonderful tuesday and onward, mates! ^_^

It's an honor to have finally joined deviantART. Though I won't be an intensively active member since I am a student aswell, but I will do my best to upload artwork as much as I can. ^-^