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what happens when I get bored  by howl99 what happens when I get bored :iconhowl99:howl99 0 0
My guide
You were supposed to be my light, my guide.
Sure, you guided me, but not where you said you would.
You promised me light, yet you guided me into the dark.
You promised me life, yet you gave death.
You earned my trust but when I gave it to you, you threw it to the ground an stomped on it.
So, my trust you broke, and with it, my heart.
Everybody knows you can't live when your heart's not working
:iconhowl99:howl99 0 0
Seing the snow was nice, it reminded me of you. Light, pale and beautiful. Yet, I frown... It reminded me of you... I didn't understand why that made me frown. Until a minute later. You weren't with me... You were with him.
I kept staring and frowning at the snow. Thinking that, maybe, if I stared hard enough it might go away, taking the memories of you with it. All the good times we had now feels like torture. I lost you, you’re no longer mine. I won’t cry, you made your choice. I can’t change your mind, I never could.
:iconhowl99:howl99 1 0
Sans by howl99 Sans :iconhowl99:howl99 1 0 Dragontroll  by howl99 Dragontroll :iconhowl99:howl99 0 0 Rose by howl99 Rose :iconhowl99:howl99 1 4 Humane kurloz maybe by howl99 Humane kurloz maybe :iconhowl99:howl99 1 0 Random photo by howl99 Random photo :iconhowl99:howl99 0 0
He really wasn't immortal
It only took a few seconds then he was laying on the ground with a knife trough his chest. He never thought it would end this way, he was just gonna show the guy that threatened him and his brother with a knife that he didn't take shit from anybody, especially when his little brother was with him. He had never lost a fight before but he hadn't anticipated that the guy would be so fast. He knew that he would have to leave his little guy sooner or later, apparently he had to leave him sooner. He didn't want anything more than to turn his head away from his brother but he knew that his time was up soon, and he wanted his brother to be the last thing he saw before he died.
Daniel never thought he would have to see his brother laying on the ground with a knife in his chest. He knew Derek would die, after all he knew Derek wasn't immortal but it still felt so unreal. He didn't want to see his brothers white shirt turn red but he couldn't pull his eyes away from the nightmarish sight. He had
:iconhowl99:howl99 0 0
Homestuck OC Wolf Loganite by howl99 Homestuck OC Wolf Loganite :iconhowl99:howl99 3 44 Halloween by howl99 Halloween :iconhowl99:howl99 6 330 Dualeyed Wolf by howl99 Dualeyed Wolf :iconhowl99:howl99 0 0 Halloween by howl99 Halloween :iconhowl99:howl99 2 2 Squarewave by howl99 Squarewave :iconhowl99:howl99 2 4 Untitled by howl99 Untitled :iconhowl99:howl99 0 0 Sawtooth by howl99 Sawtooth :iconhowl99:howl99 2 4


Synthesis: (A!M!Reader x Tali) ME
Chapter 1: CyberLife: Rebuilt And Reborn
(I love both games, I hope I did this right and not mess up anything, but I probably did, now, each first chapter to this will be similar, but the choices will be different in each chapter. If you guys don't like, I won't take offense towards it. This is a what if series. If you guys like it, I'll keep moving forward with it.)
(Arcturus Station, 2157)
"Alien life!? Beyond those Relays?" An Executive Officer of the Alliance said.
"And they killed our men without a warning! First Intelligent Life we meet and they are out to kill us." One of the Civilians said, walking with said XO.
"If you three are done talking..." Admiral Hackett said to the three.
"Sir!" They saluted.
"At ease, what's the sit
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 34 13
The Hellblazer's son ch.6

Magic v Technology: Dawn of Jealousy (2/2)

You were at the House of Mystery, your sudden entrance got the attention of both Zattana and Constantine, who were waiting for you to explain yourself
Constantine: Rough day?
You: Precisely- You answered without looking at them either
You started to walk away into your room, but you were stopped halfway by your own father, who was not entirely sure of what he was doing
Constantine: Why don't you talk about it with us, huh? You could use a tad less stress
You: Don't think so, you two are too busy arguing
Zatanna: Come on, Y/N, you know your father and I tend to argue, but you know we'll always have time to listen to you
She stated as she gently walked you to the couch nearby
Her soft voice was your anger's worst enemy, seeing as it always managed to tear through it and force you to be more reasonable
Zatanna: Come on, I'll make some of that tea that you like so much
Her hospitality was welcome
:iconiron-spartan:iron-spartan 12 4
The Hellblazer's son ch.5

Magic v Technology: Dawn of Jealousy (1/2)

"Is it here?"
A feminine voice asked as she stepped through your portal after you did.
You were accompanied by Starfire, or Kori as you called her, to investigate a case in a factory
Usually, you would straight-up decline anyone's request to come with you, but not with Kori, she was not like everybody else
While she was not entirely used to this world, this didn't mean she was stupid, nor was she defenseless against the many horrors that awaited.
...But she was curious, so she insisted to come.
Outside the factory, your unofficial assistant, Jennifer was waiting for you, next to an unconscious man
When she spotted you, her eyes immediately focused on your companion
Jennifer: Who is that?
You: Right. Kori, this is Jenn
She gave Jenn a handshake, but for some reason, your assistant was acting a little odd around her
Kori: My pleasure to meet you. I enjoy
:iconiron-spartan:iron-spartan 11 4
Africa -Page 137 by ARVEN92 Africa -Page 137 :iconarven92:ARVEN92 971 135 Chakra -B.O.T. Page 357 by ARVEN92 Chakra -B.O.T. Page 357 :iconarven92:ARVEN92 431 59 Chakra -B.O.T. Page 356 by ARVEN92 Chakra -B.O.T. Page 356 :iconarven92:ARVEN92 441 23
Dragon's Might Chpt 2 (BNHA X Mreader)
(Your POV)
I was up and ready early this day. Today, I would be taking U.A High’s Entrance Exam. Despite the feeling mighty confident, I was still nervous. I guess it showed also since when my mom came to check on me, I was probably producing some dark vibes. “Nervous dear?” She asked, walking over and taking a seat next to me. “Yeah.” I said. She patted my back. “I was nervous too when I took the exam.” She said and I looked at her. “You were.” I asked and she nodded.
“See, I was nervous cause when I took it, I wasn’t too in control of my Quirk. I still had my tail just, popping out at inconvenient times.” Mom said, a small blush on her face. “But I made it though it, turns out they reward people for rescuing others.” She said.
“Really? They do?” I asked.
“Yup! Besides, I know you will do great. You are after all my son.” I said, hugging me and giving me a kiss on my head.
She l
:icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 21 14
Stupid Fly!-Thor X Reader
"What is this incredibly annoying creature?!" 
I turned my head with a frown upon hearing Thor's voice coming from the other room. 
"Leave me be, you vile thing!"
What was going on in there?
"You cannot defeat the Son of Odin! Stay still already, will you??"
That did it! I had to see what he was doing. Closing the copy of Carry On, Mr. Bowditch I was reading, I got up off my bed and walked out of the guest room until I found myself in the living room. There I found the Son of Odin standing in the middle of the room with wide eyes and posed in a battle ready stance, as if he was waiting to be attacked by some hidden opponent.
"Um, what's going on in here?" I asked.
Thor turned in my direction and his tense stance softened a bit when he saw me standing in the doorway.
"Ah, (Y/N), I'm relieved to see you," he said. "I need your help. I am being attacked!"
"Attacked?" I asked. "By who, or what?" I nervously looked around, hoping to not find some intruder hidden in the
:iconbeautyandstrength:BeautyAndStrength 31 10
Xenomorph!M!Reader x Tali (Mass Effect) 2
Chapter 2: Wrex's New Friend against a Thresher Maw
(Sorry for being away, I'm not dead, I got my diploma, I graduated! Here's a Chapter!)
(F/N) was playing with his collar to his outfit, he was wearing Human Civilian clothes, "How do Humans wear these?"
Shepard looks at (F/N), "Quit fussing, it's only for now."
(F/N) keeps tugging it, "Can I just stay in my original form? It's much more freeing than this."
"Would you rather be detained by C-Sec officers? Or flung around by biotics from Asari?" Shepard asks rhetorically.
"They can't hurt me."
"That was Rhetorical."
"What?" (F/N) asks, confused.
"Oh my..... Never mind." Shepard sighs in frustration.
Wrex chuckles, they were in the elevator on their way up to meet The Council, (F/N) gives up and turns i
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 32 13
Confession - Katsuki Bakugo x Male Reader
It's been a few months since young (Y/N) had began his career as a future pro hero. He signed up for the hero course in UA. (Y/N)'s quirk was the ability to calm down anyone. He was sitting in one of the school's many kitchens, and was sitting alone. This annoyed Katsuki Bakugo, as he thought that (Y/N) thought he was better than him. (Y/N) always got the top grades, and almost got the top scores. He blushed whenever he saw Bakugo, and would always hide when he was near Bakugo. Katsuki thought of this differently than how (Y/N) did. Katsuki walked over to (Y/N).
"Hey nerd," He says to (Y/N). "Meet me outside."
The boy looks at Bakugo. "...Wh-What do you need?"
Turns out that this boy was a nervous wreck compared to the cocky and egotistical Katsuki Bakugo. (Y/N) watches as Katsuki walks away, wanting him to follow. The (H/C) boy quickly adjusts his tie and makes his way over to where Bakugo was. Bakugo was leaning against the wall, and had a pissed off expression. Though that's always
:iconneonpugs21:NeonPugs21 23 5
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 355 by ARVEN92 Chakra -B.O.T. Page 355 :iconarven92:ARVEN92 469 71 Chakra -B.O.T. Page 354 by ARVEN92 Chakra -B.O.T. Page 354 :iconarven92:ARVEN92 436 88 Africa -Page 136 by ARVEN92 Africa -Page 136 :iconarven92:ARVEN92 1,002 144
Thanos x baby! human reader
Thanos x baby! human reader
(Y/N) - your name
(S/C) - skin colour
(E/C) - eye colour
-3rd person PoV-
This could've never been predicted, Never. That so much could cease to be. That all that Thanos had imagined could come to fruition and half of all life br brushed away like dust in the wind, all with the power of the unyeilding infinity stones. Yet, The mighty being still contempated, had it all been worth it? The loss. Was it all worth the pain? Gamora, his lovely child. The black order, companiins unbreakable, All that was his was now gone like they were never even there. Still, those that survived could still live free of suffering, couldn't they? couldn't they?! the lonely  god sat pondering on a reborn Titan, all he could do was contemplate.
A lonesome, fearful screech pierced Thanos' keen ears and the god whipped himself from his puzzling mind b
:iconlarkieandkitsu:LarkieAndKitsu 25 8
Germany X Male!Reader - spilled coffee.
Germany X Male!Reader
warnings: my horrible attempt at writing accents
*human/modern au ahhhh
another old fic i changed to a male reader!
There seemed to be so much more to him, but it could simply be false assumptions.
He was very attractive and kind and there had to be something much more to that outside facade.
His hair was too perfect yet simple but in a good way. His eyes, that had to be it. There was something more to those brilliant [eye color] eyes. They shined and sparkled like stars and he could easily find himself lost in their depths.
And that laugh. It was like music to Ludwig's ears, sure a little loud and probably a bit goofy, but that made him love it even more.
You can’t forget the way his [hair color] hair flowed peacefully when he moved his head. That certainly caught the eye.
That flawless [skin color] skin could stop anyone in their tracks. He was certainly breath-taking, and so beautiful, that he was unearthly looking, like a true fallen angel.
- -
:icondiamond-operation:Diamond-Operation 21 0
Cas x reader The Pun Store
Prize for :iconmaxnobili:
Cas x reader
The pun store
Cas was walking around looking at all the things in the kitchen. You walked in your (e/c) eyes looking towards Cas. “Hey do you want to go to the store and help me get some stuff?” You asked.
Cas nodded. “If you wish (y/n).” Castiel said following you out to the impala.
“Car Ya excited?” You asked with a laugh.
“What?” Cas asked very confused. You only snickered. You drove to the supermarket and the two of you entered. “What is it that we are getting?” Cas asked.
“Well Cas I was thinking...just follow me.” You said, the angel nodded and followed behind you. “Laundry detergent...” You said as you walked past the cleaning supplies.
“Well the tides have turned.” You said as you picked up tide laundry detergent.
“What?” Cas asked, he saw a few teens around you giggle. He was beyond confused.
You chuckled as you plac
:iconhazelwolfmallark:hazelwolfmallark 8 4


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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

  I was tagged by zhe almost as awesome as me :iconjeenneettee: Kesesesese~!

1. You have to post he rules.

2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves. 

3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.

4. Choose 13 people.

5. Go to their page to inform them that they are tagged. 

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  Thirteen facts about me that everybody wants to know! (Can you feel the sarcasm?)

  1: I'm Swedish 


  3: I love hetalia and creepypasta

  4: I'm bisexual 

  5: I'm a girl but I have been mistaken for a boy several times

  6: I spend most of my time drawing, listening to music or writing raps

  7: I believe in the whole "strength in numbers" but I prefer doing everything on my own so I won't feel bad if someone I'm with gets hurt

  8: I usually listen to Hollywood Undead or Creature Feature

  9: Linkin Park is awesome 

  10: I have anxiety 

  11: I love transformers!

  12: I can be "slightly" perverted (more like hella perverted)

  13: I am awesome! (Or that's what I tell myself anyway)

Answering time!

  1. Do you like fanfictions? [yes, yes I do :) ]

  2. Are you a fan of any animes? [Yes, Hetalia and Death note actually! Kesesesese~!]


  4. How many lemons do you think you've read in your life? [I was going to say too many... But there is no such thing as too many lemons XD]

  5. What is your favourite video game? [I have a favorite game series since I can't choose one so I'll have to say the assassins creed series]

  6. Favorite character from that game? [AltaÏr Ibn La-Ahad or Edward Kenway]

  7. What would you do if your brother (or cousin or other male member of your family) was suddenly attracted to your male best friend? [ I would support my friend but I would most probably threaten my cousin about ever hurting him]

  8. Do you even have a best friend? [Of course I do! I'm awesome!]

  9. Lol of course you do. What's your favourite thing about your Bestie? [That she's just as awesome as me! She's my moirail! She listens when I have to vent and rant]

  10. Do you have any pets? [I have fishes... But they're boring]

  11. What is your favorite icon on DeviantArt? [I actually don't know, here's so many good ones!]

  12. What is your all time favorite Male!reader story? [That's a tough question... But anything that's a lemon...]

  13. Were you annoyed by my questions? [Nope! :D]


1: Do you like waffles~?

2: Do you like creepypasta? 

3: If so, who's your favorite creep?

4: Do you like Hollywood Undead?

5:Autobots or Decepticons?

6: Do you feel awesome?

7: Nothing is true, Everything is...?

8: Xbox or Playstation?

9: Do you like transformers?

10: If not... Then do you like bionicle?

11: What nationality are you?

12: Do you see the rest of your fandom or fandoms as family?

13: What is your favorite song?



I DO TAG BACKS IF I WANT TO! :iconjeenneettee:






Prussia Talking IconAPH Prussia tackle hug 


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I love homestuck




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