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By Howl-n-Hart

So Eclipse is Coming


I'd like to organize a proactive event to show DA the possible results of a permanent Eclipse change-over. Instead of deactivating your accounts for good, or indefinitely boycotting the site, I'd like to make a Statement of Silence for those Users against Eclipse. Starting May 1st, I will not be active on Deviantart. I will not submit new deviations, journals or even visit the site for 3 Days time. From 12:00AM CST May 1st to 12:00am May 4th. (3 days) I ask all other Users who wish to keep old Deviantart to join me in this statement of silence. 

Not Only Is Eclipse Difficult to Navigate, It is so close to Plagiarism it isnt funny. How they aren't in a Lawsuit with Artstation is beyond me!
Look at these site comparisons!

Img 15112018 170508 0 by V0IDSPACER  <- DA Eclipse  Artstation->  Img 15112018 170514 0 by V0IDSPACER
Comparisons Courtesy of V0IDSPACER
Now I'd like to point out several people have told me that the similarities may be due to the fact artstation and DA are both now owned by Wix. 
I honestly would need to do some research to see if this is true or just speculation. 

:new: Update :new: 
ArtStation is NOT owned by Wix as some of our sleuthy commenters have discovered!

it is owned owned by a company called Ballistiq but is run as its own entity.…
"ArtStation is proud to be independently run. With no external investment, we grew our business from humble beginnings to one of the largest websites on the Internet. Being independent keeps us close and accountable to the community that we serve."
This was just confirmed to me by a current employee of theirs. ^^

Even DA's New Logo has Been Questioned as Plagiarism:…
<da:thumb id="7041918694654946"/>

Perhaps the abrupt halt and slow down of site traffic will show DA team members the devastating effects this could have on their audiences they cater to. They have failed to listen when we speak out... perhaps they will listen to The Sound Of Silence. 

Please Feel free to share this journal to get on board and spread the word. 
Some have said this is getting attention elsewhere as well so feel free to share to your instagrams, twitters and so on as well.
Feel free to Translate this to Other Languages as well!!

Lets get it out to as many eyes and artists as possible!

Also, please no negative commentary. This is about supporting one another. Not Being malicious to DA or other users

:new:Set an Alarm, or Follow Me, I will Post a Reminder Journal On the Day Before! :new:

The Sound of Silence - Core Refund Tickets?Hello there!
Creator of #TheSoundofSilenceMovement here.
a fellow DA User noted me :iconrandomchiz: with another intriguing idea. 
That users send in support tickets asking for refunds on their Core. Now I know the majority of you will probably cut out core if you end up leaving indefinitely or even if you stay, since all them pretty perks are no longer available. And I highly doubt that DA will actually Refund anyone. However perhaps the flood of refund requests might make a statement as to the loss of their revenue in that regard. 
The double-edge of this blade however, is that they /may/ decide to refund us, and we will be cut off our core sooner even then the eclipse launch. I will leave it up to you guys whether you wish to proceed with this idea or not, but I do see the potential in it. 
Also, I just want to thank every single one of you for your support in this movement. Follow me for updates and reminders!
a SoundofSilenceMovement Discord has also been created, i

Interesting idea brought to me ^

also someone has made a #thesoundofsilencemovement  Discord:


And here are several other petitions going around, if you all wish to sign any:

Some Supporters of my movement have been creating some wonderful art for us all!
Here is a Sound of Silence Icon!

f2u anti-eclipse icon by Fantasierijke
The Sound of Silence by KeldBach

And a "We Can Fight" With a template so you can create this featuring your own character:
We Can Fight Eclipse! by Drakarra   We Can Fight Eclipse! Template by Drakarra
by the lovely Drakarra

:new: BIG UPDATE :new:
A Group Of LikeMinded Deviants With The Right Resources Are Working on a New DA Alternative Site!! 
Go read about their Project and SUPPORT THEM ANY WAY YOU CAN. 

Are you freaking out about Eclipse? Check this out[click to join our discord server]
View our dA group at ArtSpacious
We're all freaked out by Eclipse. Or, at least the majority of us are. This is our home, we have burrowed roots here that span over a decade for some, and we have amassed our watcherbase with painstaking effort! We've earned out badges and uploaded hundreds of our deviations and put so much effort into our groups! We've forged meaningful connections and found a network of friends here, a place of support and encouragement. But for some, Eclipse is a dealbreaker. It ruins dA. Yet, we need our community, we can't lose each other. Right?
This is not another rant journal or petition.
This is action. We are doing something about it.

So, we are making a new art site. It isn't as good as dA, it's better. It's hella better. We are talking about the features we

A Fun Thing that tracks the activity taking place on DA:

:new: An Eclipse Redesign Plugin that might make adjusting a little easier :new:…

And for those of you wanting to give Eclipse your feedback (hah!) There is this:
© 2020 - 2021 Howl-n-Hart
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It's kind of sad that DA doesn't care about their members unless if they're the well-known, professional ones. I just stayed here for the community, I just wish DA would listen to the rest of their members, and they need to update their mobile app as well, eclipse really had so much glitches and is not mobile-friendly.

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Many have thought the 'change' was to more or less to close down the art side of DA so that lefty trolls/bots could flood the forums etc to spread fake news for their overlord masters the globalists?!? They are all over forum threads, blocking anyone who responds to their own brand of fake news in favour of the radical far left...

MrRemoraman's avatar

I just found this. Months after the release, I can honestly say:

Yeah, Eclipse SUCKS.

gretzelboy89's avatar

I'm considering leaving this site after this year.

ToasterHead20's avatar
It just got worse. My watch screen is flooded with memes because somebody thought it would be smart to remove custom watch settings. It's not.
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FinestCat's avatar

i'm beginning to think that dA wants people out this site... what if they're actually trying to shut down this site for good? it seems like it since they have not listened to our pleas

i'm really disappointed because i absolutely loved this site

Wrekiz's avatar

I hate to actually say this, but what if this whole thing is a joke? D.A. making something worse for the site and claiming it's good sounds like some joke, or a test of sorts. My best guess is that Eclipse is a project to test the loyalty of it's members, to see how far they would go to protest against something so awful.

Let's look at the facts: People have obviously been complaining about the situation, and I've even made a couple complaints on Twitter. Yet, D.A. continues to ignore us. My best theory is that, as mentioned earlier. Eclipse is a test to see how many people on D.A. are loyal to the classic site. This seems like the most likely idea.

Another good idea why D.A. is ignoring people's complaints is that Eclipse is making the site a bit more money then usual. It's a bit complicated to explain, but there a few posts that fully explain it.

FinestCat's avatar

i also had another hypothesis,,

maybe they didn't have enough people to willingly test the beta version of eclipse and so they're forcing it upon us to get more stuff fixed?

and I'm hoping,, that once eclipse has stabilized, they'll bring back the old site because I know everyone's been wanting that back, including me

it was so easy to use and perfectly fine

Wrekiz's avatar

Yes, that could be true, too. However, I think my theory that D.A. created Eclipse for the purpose of testing the loyalty of it's users. A lot of users use the site to post N.S.F.W./N.S.F.L. stuff, as well as some hateful things. Not going to lie, while going through a user's page, there was a disgusting image of two men eating each other's feces RIGHT from the butt.

That's basically trying to sum it up in a NICE way. The original image is a bit more worse then what I described, and I don't recommend you go and look it up(Stuff like that can scar you). Also, keep in mind that someone LITERALLY went through the internet to find that kind of image. Luckily, the image was taken down(most likely by the user).

My point is, D.A. wants to see if anyone would stand up against something like Eclipse. This is a bit similar to the C.O.P.P.A. incident with YouTube.

janeartworks's avatar

Really?? Do you think this is just an experiment to see how loyal we are?

Wrekiz's avatar

I mean, it does sound possible! Despite our clear hatred of Eclipse and how OBVIOUSLY bad it is, D.A. continues to ignore us. It's almost as though they WANT us to hate Eclipse. And, I think that's the point of Eclipse's existence: To prove our loyalty to the Green Site.

janeartworks's avatar

Ok but at the end of this experiment, will they give a reward to those who stayed loyal?? XD

I doubt it XD

Wrekiz's avatar

To be honest, I don't really know if there will be a reward or not(it would be interesting though).

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dA looks so empty rn, i'm sticking around until i get a few comms that i ordered, but after that i won't stay on a site that looks so dead,, it's just incredibly sad :c

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Eclipse is here and I'm just going to say it for everyone.

It sucks.

The site is so bulky and hard to use, and its no longer soft aesthetic feel is there, instead, its replaced with a site that looks like I would pay my taxes with. I hate that I can no longer see people's custom boxes, because I know, and no one can deny, it, that custom boxes meant a lot to core uses and the people itself. The site in general looks ugly and just,, bland. I really wish the staff CAN NOTICE OUR OPINION. Even if they suggested a new complete layout would've been enough. I'm pretty pissed now that Eclipse is permanent, unlike before you HAD THE OPTION to choose between the two, in which I was happy with. I'm really disappointed in dA, and it's so upsetting to see all my favorite artists leave this platform. This place was so wholesome and pretty, and now,, I don't even know what to feel about it. Thanks a lot, dA staff :)

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hey guys even if eclipse is officially here we can still fight to get it back because let's be honest i don't think doing a protest for a month and a half is gonna do anything so we must keep fighting!

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BlizzySnowolf's avatar

Sadly looks like staff didn't give a shit about the protest.. tbh i'm not really surprised.. It's just sad to see that they refuse to listen to the community, they are already losing so many people as i see nothing else but people fully leave the entire site, sure there are people who stay to still support their favorite artists but i see alot of people who leave completely to even delete their accounts :\

itz-Cindyrella's avatar

So... nothing happened, I can't switch mode

TeagBrohman15's avatar

We Failed...

we did this whole protest for nothing

Howl-n-Hart's avatar

Its not about succeeding or failing. Its about standing up for ourselves even with odds stacked against us

TeagBrohman15's avatar

I honestly have no Idea where I'm going to go now.

I could move to Instagram, but I don't get NEARLY as much traffic as I get here

and the other art sites are too difficult to navigate.

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