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So Eclipse is Coming

I'd like to organize a proactive even to show DA the possible results of a permanent Eclipse change-over. Instead of deactivating your accounts for good, or indefinitely boycotting the site, I'd like to make a Statement of Silence for those Users against Eclipse. Starting May 1st, I will not be active on Deviantart. I will not submit new deviations, journals or even visit the site for 3 Days time. From May 1st to May 3rd. I ask all all other Users who wish to keep old Deviantart to join me in this statement of silence. 

Perhaps the abrupt halt and slow down of site traffic will show DA team members the devastating effects this could have on their audiences they cater to. They have failed to listen when we speak out... perhaps they will listen to The Sound Of Silence. 

Please Feel free to share this journal to get on board and spread the word. 

Also, please no negative commentary. This is about supporting one another. Not Being malicious to DA or other users

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I kinda forgot that this was supposed to only be for three days. I haven't uploaded anything since this started

Ichip0p's avatar

Everyone flood the feedback box with how much we don't like this. I linked the search results for the sound of silence as well. They didn't respond to our silence, so let's make some noise.

Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar

I'm back! I stayed away for nearly a week to get the message across.

CelkaToad's avatar
I hope this helped.
BluefeatherGaming's avatar
I had no idea, about this or the fact theyre forcing eclipse onto us. nooooo
beuxpatawn's avatar
welp, i left for all 3 days. logged out and stayed out. did DA do anything?
ZodiacCloud's avatar
did anything even happen?
maxyna's avatar
nothing happened :) btw many people didnt logget out (((:
ZodiacCloud's avatar
wonderful ! :')
maxyna's avatar
yeah which is f*cked up ….
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I think that on May 20 when Eclipse arrives the best thing to do is pretend that we are gone forever about 15 days or so, if we all did that maybe they would notice. I will do that and if we add to that those who will really leave, maybe there is an opportunity.
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Unfortunately, dA did not give a fuck. Sad.
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This title reminds me of the song with the same title that was in the Trolls movie. I like Disturbed's version the most. I definitely would have taken part it too but late now. I found out about this too late. I already submitted one piece of art on May 1st and replied to a lot of comments on May 2nd. Anyway, I hope this is a success. If you do it again and I find out about it in time, I will gladly take part. I'm still hoping for some miracle that they won't take the old layout away.
Keytee-chan's avatar

Hm... you know, i do not with to support Eclipse... but i'm somewhat indifferent to it.

But i dislike any kinds of movements... so i'm going to post submission today. Only because i hate when people do some sorts of social movements. I'm just antisocial.

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Gah, I'm late. Better late than never.

EDIT: Not against eclipse, there just should be an option for people to enable and disable

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There is currently a Toggle Button at the top for older members of the deviantART community. Only new users don't have the option to toogle.
mabelk's avatar

That toggle should be for everyone I believe. What a shame that new users don't have that

MelMuff's avatar
Yeah, I agree. And the FAQ mentioning that was deleted at the end of March. A day or two after, I was trying to find it to reference it for someone and I couldn't find it so I tried a cached version of it and it still existed on March 31st so I was still able to get it. I downloaded it too but not much point now since Eclipse will be made permanent soon. I guess that's why they deleted that FAQ.
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Alright, just found this. I'm out for the remainder that is left. I stand with you. 
skyerim's avatar


aight imma head out for a few days

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sooo... im not the sharpest tool in the shed, but what is the eclipse and what about the moon covering the sun makes you wanna not be active... sorry if i don’t understand... i would also like a brief explanation of whats going on and your resining why... o-o

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