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How to use buttons on dA

*UPDATE: I decided to make new tutorials to make it clearer. Click the images below to read please Hi!
[2017] How To Use A Button by Howie62  [2017] How To Post The Code In The Description by Howie62

Here is the code :happybounce::
Please download this file:…
I'm sorry about this, I can't post the code here, it makes me crazy! ^^;

If you don't want to do that, send me a note, I will send you send you the code! :w

Below every button, the one who made them always post the code in the description for people to use it but not all. I think someone will need this so I wrote this intruction, hope you like it! I am a dummy!

I speak English badly so... if you don't understand, note me ok? :nod:

3 step to edit the code:

Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:

(USE Notepad for step 1 & 2 then copy and paste in step 3)

Please :+fav: this deviation if it's helpful for you! Thank you!!! w00t!

If you have questions or want a button, feel free to ask me by commtenting below or on my profile Wink/Razz

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I can't do that right way. i just made my first fan button (Spinel Fan for Steven Universe fans) and i tried to make the code but no avail
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this helped so much!
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Please, I need help... T_T (keeps going green)

<<*b*>a href="h<*b*>ttp://"><img src="h<*b*>…
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Sees simba
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Anal what's that? My father calls it SHHH
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*UPDATE: I decided to make a new tutorial to make it clearer. Click the image below to read please :wave:
[Tutorail 2017] How To Use A Button by Howie62
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Another new one :wave:
[2017] How To Post The Code In The Description by Howie62
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I'm on a IPad so.....
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every time i try and do it, it does this. 
< a><img…
i keep trying to fix it but it does the links then just what i wanted. 
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Alright, try this. Copy and paste the code below, then delete all * you see, OK? :D

<<*b*>a href="h<*b*>ttp://"><img src="h<*b*>ttp://"/></*a*></*b*>
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dont worry i saw another tutorial on youtube and it helped perfectly! it didn't work because most of the codes that i did were wrong. thanks for doing this though!!
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OK. Glad to hear that :D
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i keep trying this but it isn't working and it's really frustrating and confusing
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What's wrong? ^^;
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Hey there! I tried to put in the code for my first button submission, and I have this: 

<<img src="…"/>

Can you help me?
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Sure. Copy the lines below and paste it in your button's description, then delete all * you see :D
<<*b*>a href="h<*b*>ttp://"><img src="h<*b*>ttp://"/></*a></*b>
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Thank you! That helped a ton! :D
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No problem! :la:
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