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Artist | Student | Photography
im now 17, from Manitoba Canada, and my dream is to be a professional photographer one day C: or a singer :O!! or DJ x3 or violinist, or-

im a furry, a singer, a photographer, and im good enough to live on this planet with the rest of ya C: I think....
So, a few weeks (or months) ago, I may have claimed I was going to write another journal soon after my last one; well it didn't really turn out like that I suppose, hahah xP

Please accept my apology, as it wasn't really called for- me being absent without explaining myself :c I'm sorry

Okay now that I have the apology over with, how are you all doing :D!? I haven't checked in with you guys in a long long time, so it's about damn time i do, i reckon!

Whats new with me? How kind of you to ask!
Lots of things have happened to me, its really hard to explain everything I think haha. I finished my second year at my new school, and achieved Honours With Distinction for the second year in a row! That means I had a 90%+ Average at the end of the year C:
My poor little golf also broke down and stuff T_T... My brother attempted to fix it, but it just didn't work, and we suspect it was the ignition but it's too late to suspect things now because I ALREADY BOUGHT ANOTHER CAR...
Yes... I could have spent 150 dollars to tow it to the gas station and get a new ignition installed, by why do something logical like that when you could spend 20K on a newer, shittier car like a 2012 Hyundai Veloster :D 
It's not THAT much shittier than the Golf... its just more unreliable and more gas efficient! I call it the Senpai Velociraptor.
I also got an award for painting cars in Paint Prep, and got a bunch of my drawings (some of which I've posted online here for you all to see!) got showcased at the school and a local art museum for a few days! 

In Recent News...

I couldn't here in my left ear, and my right ear sounded hallow (like when it's full of water but not?) so i went to the clinic to see what I should do, and they ended up attempting to clean it. I say attempt because they ended up rupturing something in my ears and i started bleeding all over the place out of my ears! 
It's okay though i swear! now that it's stopped bleeding, I can hear fine! There's still a little bit of crusty blood and occasional some water will drip out but I'm fine I swear!

Anyways, that's what's new with me! You might not care but if you've read this far you either have nothing better to do or you actually DO care! so thank you for caring / being bored and joining me here today C:

I've gone on long enough though, so I'll let you guys go do other more interesting stuff now x3 
Have a Great Night/Day future readers o3o!!!!
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Nice pics 
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thanks ^-^
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Your welcome 
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i found an "awesome" pick up line and i cant even...

"Did you just fart? cus you blew me away" XD oh vines how you make me laugh
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Thank you for the Favorites!
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haha  little busters with the title things they give to people

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XD oh and to make it longer
"Best-wolf buddy-friend-boyfriend >//<"


oyasumi ^_^
KittyNinja2009 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2014
some are just so kawaii
KittyNinja2009 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2014
at around 1:10, that's me! XD bark!
HowardPhotographics Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2014  Student Photographer
awe lil bub is just so cute x3!!
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