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Mature content
''Give me your pants!'' America x Reader :iconhowaboutfuckoff:howaboutfuckoff 5 15
Mature content
Germany x Reader ~Why You Don't Get A German Drunk :iconhowaboutfuckoff:howaboutfuckoff 29 32
Lithuania x Reader ~Fluff~
WARNING: Lithuania is extremely OOC
(Name) and Toris were in Toris's room. (Name) sat on Toris's lap, leaning her head onto his shoulder while Toris drew imaginary shapes on her back. It was late and even though (Name) desperately wanted to stay with Toris, she knew she had to go home. Her parents had a tendency to worry about her no matter where she is. (Name) tried to pry Toris's hands off her waist, but he just tightened his grip.
"Toris, I have to go." She said calmly. Toris held onto her tighter. "No you don't." He mumbled and placed his chin on her head. (Name) laughed half-heartedly, "My parents will be worried. I have to go." She still spoke calmly, but on the inside her patience was wearing thin.
Toris didn't budge. "Stay." He spoke to her as if she were a dog. (Name) sighed. She was starting to feel tired, she had to get home soon 
"Tor-" "Stay for ten more minutes. Let me enjoy your company." Toris said in a whiny tone. (Name) rolled her eyes but
:iconhowaboutfuckoff:howaboutfuckoff 11 6
Fem!Prussia x Fem!Reader LIME!
I'm terrible with nyotalia characters! I'm sorry ;-;
(Name) knocked impatiently on the cold wood of Julchen's front door. "Open up, open up, Julchen, open up..." She mumbled under her breath as the rain thumped off her back. (Name) shivered. The cold was unbearable. It was wet and miserable out. Not a soul dared step foot in the horrible storm. Well, that is except (Name). 
(Name) wanted to visit her girlfriend today. They lived far away from each other and barely got to spend time together. (Name) wasn't going to let the distance keep her away from her beautiful girlfriend. No way in hell. (Name) started knocking on the door again. "Julchen, I'm going to kill you. Open up!" (Name) was growing impatient. 
The bad weather increased. The wind and rain were battling amongst themselves. Lighting shot down from the sky. (Name) made an 'eep!' sound and moved closer to the door. "Come on!" (Name) turned her back on the door. She leaned against the door and sighed. "Baby,
:iconhowaboutfuckoff:howaboutfuckoff 37 44
Japan x Male!Reader Fluff ~Hugs?~
I didn't bother doing Japan's accent. Sue me.

"Hey, Kiku, can I hug you?" (Name) asked his boyfriend. Despite being in a relationship for two months, Kiku still wouldn't let (Name) hug him. Kiku cared too much about personal space, for some reason. (Name) never understood Kiku's hatred for hugs. (Name) loved hugs! He won't say it out-loud, though. Kiku looked up at him, startled. His brown eyes were filled with uncertainty. "Well, er, I don't kn-"  
"Oh, come on!" (Name) whined, "Just one hug!" Kiku still wasn't fond of the idea. He didn't speak for some time. (Name) was starting to become impatient. "Ah, give me some time." He finally said. (Name) groaned. "Why? Why do you need time? Just one hug! ONE! That's all I want!" He continued to whine. 
Kiku was becoming annoyed. "(Name), stop. You have to start respecting my wishes." (Name) glared at him. Of course he respected Kiku's stupid wishes. He spent 3 years of his life wanting to glomp Kiku.
:iconhowaboutfuckoff:howaboutfuckoff 184 65
Estonia x Child!Country!Reader ~Rooms~
"Papa! Mr. Russia is scaring me." Little (Name) whimpered. (Name) was previously adopted by Estonia. She was a new country and couldn't take care of herself. Estonia found her and took her under his wing. However, Estonia was part of Russia at this time. This meant that (Name) also had to live with Russia.
To be brutally honest, Russia didn't mix too well with children. He was tall and constantly had a scary smile on his face. Estonia sighed. "You know I can't do anything about that." He said calmly. (Name) simply continued to whine and moan. Estonia was a pretty calm guy, but (Name) was getting on his nerves. "(Name)? Could you please stop?" He kindly asked. 
She looked back at him and pouted. "Fine! You don't have to be so mean about it!" She huffed and walked out the door. "W-Wait, (Name), no!" He tried to pull her back by the arm, but she was already gone. He leaned back in his chair and sighed. She'd be back to when she's hungry. 
:iconhowaboutfuckoff:howaboutfuckoff 63 47
Mature content
Portugal x Reader ~Crack!~ :iconhowaboutfuckoff:howaboutfuckoff 12 49
Mature content
America + Canada x Sister!Reader x Friends :iconhowaboutfuckoff:howaboutfuckoff 17 16
Mature content
Long time no sea....SONING~ England x Reader Crack :iconhowaboutfuckoff:howaboutfuckoff 4 60
Emily's cooler than you. by howaboutfuckoff Emily's cooler than you. :iconhowaboutfuckoff:howaboutfuckoff 0 225
Sweden x Child!Reader ~Car Rides~ Sweden's ending
Little (Country Name) got scared at all the people watching her, so she ran behind the closest tall person. Which, so happens to be Sweden!
Finland smiled and clapped his hands.
"Aww! I think (Country Name) likes you!" Finland cooed. "I do like him!" (Country Name) nuzzled her head onto his leg. 
Sweden placed a hand on top of her soft (Hair Colour) hair. "Do I bring her home now....?" Sweden looked around for help.
He took care of Sealand,  but he never took care of a little girl! "Yeah, we'll be home after the meeting." Finland gave him a small thumbs up. Sweden picked (Country Name) up hesitantly. He gently placed her on his hip and began walking towards the door.
His mind raced as he slowly opened the door; what if he scares her? What if she doesn't like him that much? He didn't have anything to give to (Country Name)! He doesn't even have a car seat! What if she falls and hurts herself?
He decided it was best not to think of any of those horrible things and get on with h
:iconhowaboutfuckoff:howaboutfuckoff 92 18
Mature content
Russia x Sister!Reader x Friends Murdering Russia :iconhowaboutfuckoff:howaboutfuckoff 5 52
Mature content
England x Sister!Reader x Perverted!Friends :iconhowaboutfuckoff:howaboutfuckoff 10 12
Mature content
China x Male! Reader LEMON Changing Roles~ :iconhowaboutfuckoff:howaboutfuckoff 71 30
China x Male!Reader ~FLUFF~
"Hey, (Name)? What's in this box?" Yao asked as he lifted up a brown cardboard box with 'PRIVATE STUFF' written across the front in bold letters. Your face paled when you realized your stuffed bear you've had since you were 4 was sitting in that box. "Eh, nothing! Now if you could just give me that......" You reached a hand out to snatch the box away from Yao.
He pulled the box away from you and frowned. "You're lying to me, (Name). What. Is. In. The. Box-aru?" You looked away from him. "Nothing! I said it was n-nothing...." You would be so embarrassed if he found it! Sure, a little stuffed animal isn't a very big deal, but sleeping with one isn't the manliest thing in the world.
Yao sighed and walked over to the door of the living room, "I guess I'll just open it and see what all the fuss is about....." Your head snapped up and your eyes widened. You ran up to him and tackled him. Yep, tackled him. He made an 'eep!' sound as you sat on his back, reaching out for the box. "Gimme
:iconhowaboutfuckoff:howaboutfuckoff 151 37
Italy Brothers x Dying!Sister!Reader Letting go~
(Name) was ill. Very, very ill. Deathly ill. It wasn't normal for a nation to get this sick. (Name)'s country was new, a peaceful (Small/Big) country. She was blood related to the Italies and they both cared for her. Even Romano, he was not afraid to show his affection for sweet, little (Name). 
Everything was going great, they worked as a happy family. (Name) woke up every morning with a smile on her face. Her (Eye Colour) eyes were innocent and filled with love for the world she lived in.
One day, (Name) just didn't seem herself. She wasn't happy and her smiles were fake.
She wouldn't giggle at big brother Romano when he'd blush, she wouldn't paint and sing with big brother Italy, she just sat alone. Italy and Romano were taken aback by her actions, but brushed it off. She was probably just having a bad day. After around a week of just being sad, she began speaking again. (Name) started to complain that her head felt dizzy. Romano's mother senses kicked in and trie
:iconhowaboutfuckoff:howaboutfuckoff 69 86




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tag 8 other fleshbags i guess

Name: Amelia

Star Sign: Capricorn

Average hours of sleep: 5-6. I don't get enough sleep

Lucky Number: 3

Last thing I googled: how to play A# on ukulele

Favourite fictional character: idk

What are you wearing now?: my pyjamas

When did you start this account?: 1 year ago?? idk when. 

Amount of watchers: 139, i have no idea why

What do you post?: shitty hetalia fanfiction

Do you run anymore blogs?: two classified nerdy tumblr blogs that nobody should ever view 

Do you get a lot of comments?: I get more than i should for my overall badness

Why did you choose this nickname?: What nickname? I mean, I have a lot of nicknames i didn't sign up for. i didnt get to choose any. my most used nickname comes from my babe and its fucking 'polochrist'??? or my mother calls me 'bid'?? or people call me 'da' um, do you mean my DA name?? well, i chose that because i dont like when people talk to me. everyone should just fuck off.



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