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Marianne pleure Charlie Hebdo

By HovigArt
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This event in Paris has the hallmarks of a false flag operation to continue with the war on terror.

The news media proclaimed the masked men walked over to a police officer and shot him on the head and the video is blacked out or blurred out.

But people have got hold of the raw footage and it shows that the masked man misses and the shot hits the pavement.

Youtube has tried its best to censor the video but people fortunately keep re-posting pointing out YOU ARE BEING LIED TO!

Whatever happened, it is sad but it is being used as propaganda to continue wars. It appeals to your emotion.

It's ok to feel sad and have solidarity, but don't turn off your thinking when things like this happen.
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seriously stop you're commenting this on everyone je suis charlie post and the man did get shot in the head you idiot they blur it out for respect and so the family don't have to keep seeing the moment and even if that was true all those other people who died as well you're being insensitive and if you think we're not thinking trust me we are and your comment annoys me cause im french and youre being an idiot so please cop on and reaise bad things are happening
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You Know i'm an artist like the persons Shot on chatlie's office. I'm not a politician. I just express my sadness.
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Nous pleurons tout cette liberté grignoter petit à petit...
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C'est vrai que c'est la liberté d'eprétion... pauvre mariane, elle a raison....
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Superbe Marianne, et magnifique volonté de montrer ce que des fous essaient de tuer.
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i fapped to this
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C'est magnifique, bravo!! :')
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Magnifique rendu !

A la fois très beau et plein d'émotions.
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Merci à tous ! Nous sommes tous Charlie.

Prenons nos crayons et exprimons nos idées d'amour, de tolérance et de respect. Ce sont nos armes, celles du monde civilisé. Les autres nous les laissons aux lâches sans cervelle.

Ne nous mettons pas à leur niveau.
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merci pour cette image elle est magnifique 
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En hommage aux victimes de l'attentat du 7/1/2015. Les dessinateurs Cabu, Charb, Tignous et Wolinski font partis des victimes. Qu'ils reposent en paix...
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Un dessin plein de sentiment mais aussi de douleur.. La liberté d’expression vaincra !
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La France actuellement est comparable a un baril de poudre, et c'est ce genre d'événements qui vont mettre le feu.
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Je suis tout à fait d'accord avec toi ! VIVE LA LIBERTE D'EXPRESSION!!!
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