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Thanks for all the comments and Happy Birthdays there was honestly so many I can't respond to all of them! Thanks everyone~
Also who ever you are, thank you for the Core membership. Come outta hiding so I can give yah a hug!
Commissions SFW and NSFW by HoveringAbout
There is two emails. But I honestly look at more often. but still if I don't get to you right away please feel free to message me here to let me know. 
Anywho thanks!
hey commissions are open for SFW art and NSFW art.
Note me what you want and make me a fair offer and we can go from there.
I really need the money right now.
Thanks for reading.
didnt want 'merry christmas' on my page anymore
I only have about 200 watchers here but I wanted to let you guys in on a chance to get some free art from me! I'm having a GiveAway over on tumblr! feel free to join!…

Good luck And thanks for your support!
Commissions 2015 by HoveringAbout

Live Stream

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 25, 2015, 10:44 AM
Stamp Collection | Gallery…

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I usually visit I have some fanfics published there. I'd like to get reviews! :D

DA is rather pointless for me.

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 23, 2015, 10:14 AM
Stamp Collection | Gallery

I'm thinking of leaving again, I dont make money here, I don't even get favourites unless its terrible old fan art.
So in other words im pretty much done here, 

but if you really do like my art work and like to still follow me you can go here

FaceBook page -
Tumblr -
Instagram -
(I only post sketches there)

Thanks for all those willing to follow me to bigger places.  

And if there is an account where you would like to see me on, please tell me about it. I'd like to know!

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I usually visit I have some fanfics published there. I'd like to get reviews! :D


Journal Entry: Sun Jul 12, 2015, 9:36 AM
Stamp Collection | Gallery

Kinda, I was wondering if I were to draw some adoptable’s would anyone be interested to buy? I could really use the money but I’m not going to do it if its pointless. 

Hmm, maybe I’ll do three, if they don’t sell I just won’t make anymore.

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I usually visit I have some fanfics published there. I'd like to get reviews! :D

I made a voice headcanon video ^^

So yahh i post lots of sketches and stuff you don't see here if you are interested
Instagram: hoveringabout
Tumblr: HoverArt

Thanks for your time. Any questions feel free to comment here or in my ask on tumblr. 
Thanks for all your support <3
yah there is new stuff up -flails- all well while Im here i should remind you Im still doing commissions. I think im going to lower the price. even know they already are super cheap -_-
also check out these speed paints 
id been thinking of it for a while but i may be deleting my DA's. Im not near as much in the tmnt fandom as i used to be and honestly with all the crap getting into the groups these days there isnt much to look at. 
I rarely update
i never get commission.
i may keep it to see what the people i follow post, but for the most part I think im done. If you still want to see art from me,
i post sketchs on instagram and my art blog
and if you like my OCs im still running my stupid rp blog. 

instagram: hoveringabout
Art Blog:
Rp blog:
See me here
or email me here
Price Chart by hoverboots
So, as some of you know I've been working on a comic thing for a few years, not tmnt related. And my goal this summer is to get some of it done, i have the outline of the first part of the story done(just the writing) but I really didnt want to start drawing it until I became a little better at arting. so here we are where after some major improvements to my art and maturity or what ever, i realize my motivation skills suck. 

So here comes the proposal, Since i need people to urge me to do stuff or give me suggestions, ask question ect. I have thought of making a blog for the process of the comic.
mind you Ill try my best to keep everything informed and what not, but i really liked this idea and i wanted to make sure no one stole it by keeping it to myself. but once again then it will never be done...

-sigh- anyway would anyone be interested in giving a pathetic artist an ego boost while getting to watch a totally deep and awesome comic come to life?
At least till finals are over.