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So I have two tablets that I never use, so I thought it would be nice to sell them! If you want to buy anything either email me at or note me here on dA. I will ship anywhere in the world, but shipping will be more expensive if you live outside of the United States. Payment will only be accepted through paypal!

The two I have are:
  1.  Artist 127 Kanvas


2015-05-02 17.42.50 by houtani
I have everything that originally came with this except for the lil stand for the stylus and the packaging. This tablet is HUGE (about 12x7). I only ever used this for about 2-3 weeks because it was too big for me (because I am actually quite small haha;; ). The red/pink decal is removable but it adds some color to the tablet. There are some really cool buttons at the top where you can customize the lil spinners on the sides to do different things, such as change the volume, scroll, zoom, etc. I don't have the original packaging, but I have all of the manuals and installation CDs.

  1. Bamboo Splash

2015-05-02 17.39.43 by houtani
One of my very favorite tablet that I absolutely adore! I have all of the pieces except for the extra tibs and driver installer. Which isn't really a big deal because you can buy the tibs here and there is a BETTER driver that can be installed online. This was honestly my child for 2 whole years (I got it back in may of 2013 for my bday)!! The only reason i ended up getting a new one is because this model is outdated and cannot be used wirelessly. Other than that one flaw, there is nothing wrong with the design that I was able to find.

  1. Decoden-type iphone case
$10+shipping and handling
2015-05-02 20.55.32 by houtani
I also have an iphone 5 case (can also fit 5s and 5c) which is super cute, but I'm really clumsy and drop my phone a lot. I've had this for awhile and i never really got to use it to the full extend that it should've.

If you want to purchase anything from me, you must be ok with:
-giving me an address(from home, P.O. box, or even a friends house- they have to be ok with it though!!)
-any damage during shipping is not my fault (which rarely ever happens)
-slight damage from my previous use(such as lil scratches from pen use)!

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May 2, 2015


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