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Published: January 4, 2014
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Hey everyone!  

This is the set of brushes that I currently use.  I like them because many of them do a great job of mimicking the look and feel of traditional media.

 I've gathered them from many sources over the past couple of years, and I organized and named them according to what properties they have, so the best way to view them (at first, at least) is to set your brush presets to the "small list" or "large list" in order to see the categories and names, and also have brush settings window open as well so that you can see the brush stroke of the selected brush. 

And although I already categorized them, I would recommend that you separate the pack into a few different sets, so that that there aren't so many brushes to navigate through.  When you need a brush from another category, simply load that set!

Hope you guys like them!

Don't forget to find me on instagram!  
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Tartaros58New Deviant

thnx for brushes bro.

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robertofranco1 Traditional Artist


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robertofranco1 Traditional Artist

Thanks 👍

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TheWildTornadoProfessional Digital Artist

thank you very much for sharing!

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milkias2New Deviant

Thank you for sharing

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Thank you so much!

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julianakicinHobbyist General Artist

Great brushes thank you :D

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ChrisNazgulHobbyist Digital Artist
i use it here : 

Deep in the forest by ChrisNazgul
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CrownedClownnNew Deviant

awesome brushes

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affrekouassipierreProfessional Digital Artist
the watcher
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anfieldmania1892Hobbyist General Artist

Thanks for sharing Houston :)

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chicken-shanksNew Deviant

Thank you for sharing your amazing work ! Can't wait to try those brushes !


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¡Muchas gracias! 
usa tu recurso aquí:  
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RiversReverieHobbyist General Artist

Thank you for sharing! I look forward to trying them out. :)

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Awesome... Many thanks.

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SophiaEowynHobbyist General Artist

Thank you so much for sharing them with us!! :dummy: :rose:

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No pude haber encontrado este maravilloso juego de pinceles en mejor momento. Con la pandemia tengo mucho tiempo libre y estoy muy contenta y entretenida con ellos. Gracias!
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Thank you, this is a wonderful set of brushes! I just kept finding so many new favorites:-} What a gem to find these in such tough times, thanks again HoustonSharp!!!!;P

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midoriteruNew Deviant

Thank you!

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Genazael91New Deviant

How can i download it?

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AlbertoRaduNew Deviant

bellow the photo. there is a download button

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onlyyjulyStudent General Artist

hii, the link doesn't work :(

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